Walk-in Tubs for Seniors

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Whether you are a senior or an individual with limited mobility, deciding to buy and install a walk-in tub can make a difference between falling or injuring yourself while in the bathroom. Walk-in tubs provide a safer feeling when getting into and out of the tub. Especially for those who are in wheelchairs or using other mobility aids such as canes and walkers. There are also many types of walk-in tubs that are now available. Plus, different sizes, styles, and features to choose from. Prices for walk-in tubs will vary, depending on several factors, such as the manufacturer, installation company, or the specific features of the tub itself. 

Below are our Top Five Walk-in Tubs for Seniors in 2022.  Each one will offer different types of models and many features to choose from. Some may offer a limited lifetime warranty, while others may be limited to only the first year. In some cases, a return policy will be accepted; however, it may only be for a specific model or type. There are also some walk-in tubs that provide hydro jets or foot massagers, which can be very useful for seniors with joint pain. Plus, there are some companies that do not provide installation. Prices will vary, so do your best at researching the one that fits within your budget. Now, look and see which one is the right fit for you.

1. Ella’s Bubbles

First on our list is Ella’s Bubbles. Ella’s Bubbles provides seniors with high-quality, acrylic tubs, designed specifically for people with mobility issues. There are many types or varieties to choose from.  Their spa-quality tubs come with hydro-jets, dual-draining technology, foot massager, and comfortable seats. Ella’s Bubbles also provide many varieties of tubs with wheelchair access. The company is also among the first to provide a two-seat walk-in bathtub, including swinging doors for easier accessibility. Grab bars are also available on some models, which can help seniors with ease when getting in and out of the tub. Most tubs are equipped with innovative safety options. Some models are extra-long in length, which provides more comfort for individuals who are over 6 feet tall. Prices are a little high, yet the features will outweigh the cost. Ella’s Bubbles manufacturer is in Chicago, IL. To get the best quote, it is recommended to contact Ella’s Bubbles for pricing accuracy. There are on occasion sales or clearance deals for certain models and times. We recommend seniors to check their website periodically.


  • Provides the industry with the first two-seat walk-in tub
  • Variety of tub sizes and models, including specialized models for people over 6 feet
  • Foot massage option is available on some models, which is nice for seniors with joint pain, foot pain, or muscle tension
  • Dual-drain technology for efficient drainage in 80 to 120 seconds.
  • Veterans’ perks are available, such as entering a giveaway for a chance to win a walk-in tub
  • Wheelchair-accessible options with easy entry and transfer
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty


  • There are many models, sizes, and tub options to choose from
  • Pricing is not available online. Seniors will need to enter their information to get a free price quote
Overall Outlook

2. Universal Tubs

The Universal Tub manufacturer comes directly from The Home Depot. Universal provides a wide variety of sizes, models, and designs for seniors to choose from. Some models do provide wheelchair-accessible tubs, which makes it more convenient for seniors who are disabled. Certain Universal Tubs also offer heated seats, as an additional comfort for older adults. For those who want to “window shop” before buying their choice of tub, The Home Depot provides a representative in their stores, so seniors can get the information they need without talking to someone on the phone or by email. Universal does provide many safety features as well. Pricing will vary among stores. Plus, The Home Depot may offer sales with the retailer at certain times throughout the year. Installation is not included in the price; however, The Home Depot does offer installation for an additional fee. There is discounts on selected models at home depot. We recommend checking their website often.


  • Sold straight from a retailer, this provides seniors the opportunity to see walk-in tub models and designs in-person
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Universal walk-in tubs come in variety of colors, finishes, and features
  • Free home delivery of your walk-in tub
  • Installation available through the Home Depot for an additional cost.
  • Pricing available on Home Depot’s website.


  • Curbside-only delivery
  • Installation is not included with pricing
  • Limited customization options
Overall Outlook

3. Safe Step

Safe Step is our next pick. This is an American company, where the parts for the walk-in tubs are American made. Safe Step offers a lifetime guarantee on its walk-in tubs, giving customers a feeling of satisfaction when they buy from the company. Safe Step also adds several therapeutic features to their walk-in tubs, which is a great addition for seniors with back or neck pain. Plus, there are some tubs that offer wheelchair accessible measures. Some models of Safe Step tubs provide aromatherapy by offering an essential oils emitter built right in. Each Safe Step tub also has grab bars for extra safety. Pricing is not listed on the website, but seniors are welcomed to call in to get a free quote and consultation. Safe Step also is known to provide frequent promotions to help seniors save on walk-in tubs. Check their website for new deals, since they change often.


  • Allows for spa comfort
  • Member of the Arthritis Foundation and recognized by several organizations
  • Multiple therapeutic features, including Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System and Hydro Jet Therapy
  • Built-in Grab Bars
  •  4” Step-in Height
  • Anti-slip tub, seat, and floor


  • There could be up-front fees required before construction begins
  • Customers tend to need good credit for financing if not paying up front
  • Pricing not available on the company’s website
Overall Outlook

4. Jacuzzi

The company Jacuzzi has been around for some time, and it is widely recognized throughout the US. Many older adults prefer the comfort that Jacuzzi has to offer. Their bathtubs were specifically designed with hydrotherapy in mind, which can help seniors and other people with rheumatoid arthritis. The walk-in tub from Jacuzzi comes with a pump system feature in their design. Each tub adheres to top-of-the-line safety measures, such as wide openings, slip-resistant floors, secure grab bars, and low, safe steps. Plus, the hydro jets provide healing for seniors or anyone with sore muscles. Now, Jacuzzi does not list pricing costs on their website; however, customers can call in to get a free quote. They do offer long tubs for taller than average seniors. However, they may not appeal to every person. Right now, Jacuzzi is offering customers a discount of $1,500 off any new walk-in tub!


  • Fast fill and fast drain technology
  • Features hydro-massage jets, targeting different muscle groups
  • Offers new-construction walk-in tubs, including an option to remodel or replacement on existing bathtub space
  • Company focuses on safety measures


  • Only certain Jacuzzi models come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Lack of variety in models and features
  • Does not indicate step-in height
Overall Outlook

5. American Standard

Our last and final walk-in tub of choice is the American Standard company. They are known to combine highest-quality safety features with a variety of luxury options. The company has also been a trusted name throughout the industry for over 150 years. They offer an array of models to choose from, including easily accessible tubs. Some installation configurations are available. Many of their models provide air bath features, which offers thousands of tiny air bubbles with an adjustable massage strength. American Standard tubs are also ADA-compliant soaking tubs, massage tubs, or whirlpool walk-in tubs. The cost of the walk-in tubs will vary on model and size. Seniors can use the free estimate tool on the website to get the price their searching for. The purpose of walk-in tubs is to allow seniors that have limited mobility feel more independent; the American Standard tub does just that.


  • Adjustable strength and massage on some walk-in tubs
  • Has renown experience in the industry
  • Features the largest number of walk-in tub installers across the U.S. and Canada
  • Offers an extensive lineup of walk-in tubs with outstanding products and optional features
  • Recognized in several social media sites for designing bathrooms that meet the needs os seniors with mobility issues or other physically challenged issues.


  • No information on prices differences among the types of walk-in tubs they offer
  • Only a few models come with a Minute Drain feature installed
  • Warranty of tubs vary among models will vary, including warranty coverage on different parts of the tub are not specific
  • Returns accepted only within first 30 days and only upon company approval
Overall Outlook

Why choose a Walk-In Bathtub?

Walk-in tubs are bathtubs that senior can walk into, rather than stepping over the entire height of the bathtub when you’re ready to take a bath. There are a variety of walk-in tubs available, in different sizes and models to choose from. There are also many types of features that can be either added or customized, depending on the manufacturer or model offered. Some models also provide therapeutic features like hydrotherapy that uses aromatherapy oils and soothing air bubbles that help seniors relax their muscles while taking a bath. Many walk-in tubs adhere to up-to-date safety precautions and ADA compliance standards. This is to prevent any potential slips or a fall injury from occurring. Other measures are added to the tubs, such as important safety features like grab bars, textured floors, and anti-scald valves. This will increase the comfort level for seniors.  Most importantly, walk-in tubs provide the confidence seniors need when bathing, while still increasing their independence.

Are Walk-in tubs Shipped and Installed?

There are some companies that manufacture walk-in tubs that will ship their own products straight to your home. Some may even provide professional installers that they use to personally install it in the home. However, other walk-in tub manufacturers may only sell their products exclusively at retailers, which leaves the delivery arrangements and the installation to the customer. Seniors need to understand the company’s delivery policy before making the purchase. There are some shippers that will bring the walk-in tub inside the home or offer curb-side delivery; yet will not install it. 

What to Consider when Buying a Walk-In Tub

There could be many reasons why seniors will need a walk-in tub.  One reason is that walk-in tubs increase independence. Many seniors or older adults that are still active, may just need some assistance in the bathroom. A walk-in tub gives them that help they need. Also, walk-in tubs can help reduce the risk of falls. As we know, the older we get, there are more chances of imbalance issues. Getting a walk-in tub can help with this issue. One last reason for a walk-in tub is the therapeutic aspect it provides. Seniors who have sore muscles or more susceptible to aches and pain can benefit from the soothing bath experience. Plus, many walk-in bathtubs are wheelchair accessible, giving seniors the safety measures, they need and provide comfort while enjoying their independence.

Another consideration about walk-in tubs are the size of the product. Many people think walk-in tubs are larger than the average tub. This is a misperception. Most walk-in tubs are the same as your average bathtub.  Some may even offer more comfort with added features like hydro jets, which you normally do not receive when purchasing a normal tub. 


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