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We are Family.

Every family approaches aging as if it’s uncharted territory, but that doesn’t need to be the case. The internet age gives people the opportunity to gather all the information they could possibly need, to connect with other seniors and caregivers, and to learn from the mistakes and experience of others.

Online Senior Center is headed by a small team of researchers, writers, and creative activists who are negotiating the path of aging alongside their parents, giving them not only theoretical and intellectual knowledge, but first-hand experience. Along with OSC’s core team, there are guest posts by seniors, interviews and Q&As with experts, and much more.

Taken all in all, we make up the OSC Family, and we’re stronger together. If we can learn from each other, we can make your Golden Years your best years.

The Online Senior Center Mission

Online Senior Center is here to provide crucial resources for seniors, their families, and their caregivers in an all-in-one framework: real talk about living, loving, working, and playing in the next stage of your life.