Senior Mobile Home Parks

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For seniors who want to enjoy their retirement without the hassle of a large house to maintain, then choosing a mobile home park is the way to go. Senior Mobile Home parks often offer low cost rates for low-income seniors living on a fixed budget.  These parks also provide many amenities that are geared for seniors, including community involvement. In mobile home parks, the senior is only responsible for their home maintenance, yet the lot that the home is on is cared by the owners and staff that runs the park. To learn more about what a senior mobile home park is and what they offer, read on. 

What is a Senior Mobile Home Park?

To live in the senior mobile home park, one must be at least 55 years old. The parks are run by the park owners and staff, and provide seniors with a small lot for their mobile home. Depending on the location, the mobile home can be quite affordable. For the mobile home to be considered low-income housing, it must be approved by the HUD. As a senior mobile home park, some restrictions may apply, such as noise and usage restrictions at specific times of the day. Choosing a senior mobile home is overall a great choice for affordability and for seniors to stay active in their communities. Although most senior mobile homes require that everyone living there is over 55, some exceptions may apply to those who have partial or full custody of young grandchildren under 18. 

Another option is Senior RV Parks, which are somewhat similar to a mobile park. They each have owners or a type of committee that runs the basic operations of the park. However, there are no mobile homes found in a RV park. In fact, RV parks are for temporary use, whereas a Mobile home park, the senior lives there on a more long-term basis. RV parks are sometimes used seasonally as well. They may also close for certain weather conditions or events that occur throughout the year. Still, the RV park option is one of the most affordable choices, since seniors can move on to a different RV park at the end of their stay or when the weather changes. 

How do I Find a Senior Mobile Home Park Near Me?

Finding a senior mobile home park is actually quite easy. With most businesses going viral, that is online, finding a mobile home that fits your needs is pretty simple. Checking on websites that are specifically designed for seniors is one great way to find a mobile home. Some websites may even provide a discounted cost when you arrive at the park if you sign up for their monthly subscription. Most communities or towns have at least one senior mobile home park in their area. Contacting the town’s Chamber of Commerce may also be another way to find where a senior mobile home is located. 

What kind of Benefits are there when Living in a Senior Mobile Home Park?

One of the best benefits there is to living in a mobile home is the affordability it offers to seniors. Many mobile homes offer low-income options, and are approved by HUD, so there is no stress of a huge mortgage that you have to pay for 15 to 30 years. Another benefit is that many senior mobile homes provide senior-friendly amenities, such as large community pools with handicap accessories, outdoor picnic areas, nature trails, and plenty of senior events throughout the year. In some cases, if there is a lake nearby, the park may provide a free boat ramp to those living at the mobile park.

What is the Average Cost to Stay in a Senior Mobile Home Park?

The cost to stay at a mobile home or RV park will vary on how long your stay is and where the park is located. So, the average stay can run from a few hundred dollars per month. This is helpful for seniors that are on a tight budget. There are some parks that do charge closer to $1000 a month. However, these usually provide more features, amenities, or resources to seniors compared to low-income mobile parks. 

What kind of payment plans are there for a Senior Mobile Home?

In the past, the way most seniors paid for their mobile home was by check. However, in our technological advances continuing to grow, many parks are going online and accepting both credit cards and debit cards for easy payment options to seniors. Check with your local mobile home park for more details on how they accept payment. 


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