The Best Meal Delivery Kits For Seniors

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Meal kit plans have become a new trend throughout today’s booming society. What may have started as a marketing niche is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. There are many reasons why seniors would choose to try a meal delivery kit option. Some choose it because they want to make dinner time a less stressful event and easy to clean process, so they can spend more time with family. There are several types of meal kit plans available. Yet not all are the same. Some are designed as a 2-person meal plan while others may offer a family plan.

For seniors who live on their own, a 2-person plan would work best. Sometimes, the plans will offer a discount to seniors or offer a certain number of boxes for free. So, how do you choose the right one for you? There are some that are more expensive than others, while others may offer a wider variety of meals from paleo, keto, to vegan and anything in between. The most affordable and reliable meal services suitable for seniors that are recommended are blue Apron, Green Chef, and HelloFresh. Each one has its pros and cons; each can be delivered right to a person’s door; and each one provides easy to prepare and tasty options. However, some seniors might require help navigating the website if they are not tech savvy. 

1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron has been around since 2012 and was started by three individuals who wanted to give Americans an easier way to prepare dinner. The service offers a 2-person plan and a 4-person plan.  They boast about having the easiest website to navigate and use.  These meal services would be a great option for seniors who are still independent and mobile. When getting started, the member chooses the number of people being served and the number of recipes being sent each week. Seniors can also choose from different types of plans, such as signature meals, wellness meals, or a vegetarian option. The meals offer chef-approved recipes with a well-balanced mix of organic fruits, veggies, and meat; high-quality produce; and offers a more sustainable plan for seniors to enjoy. Blue Apron also offers a Wine Club option for an additional fee. 

2. Green Chef

Green Chef is another meal delivery service that comes highly recommended.  Founded in 2014, everything is organic and freshly chopped. When possible, most of the prep work is already done for you. There are six different meal types to choose from and seniors have the option to choose from a 2-person to 6-person box size. In addition, seniors can either choose 3 meals or 4 meals delivered to their home each week. As a first-time participant, the plans also come with a huge discount, just for signing up. Seniors can also scan the menu options that are available for the coming week before making a final decision to become a member. Most meal kits take only 15 to 30 minutes to prepare/cook. Green Chef does not require signatures to accept the boxes, so you do not have to be home to receive them. You can also skip a week if you need to.

3. Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is the go-to staple of delivered meal prep kits. Founded in 2011, it offers quick and easy meals, and one of the most budget-friendly meal kit plans. HelloFresh offers 10 new recipes each week, including a Wine Club option for an additional cost. The meals are available for both 2-person or 4-person meal kits. They use fresh and seasonal ingredients. Seniors can choose from over 50 meal options each week, including the option for vegetarian, kid-friendly, and low-calorie meal plans. The meals also come with pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards, making it easier to prepare meals. Seniors do have the option to skip a week or add extra meals to an upcoming week. You can also cancel your subscription anytime. However, you may need to give a couple of weeks’ notice when doing so. 

Why Choose a Meal Delivery Kit Plan?

There are many reasons why seniors can benefit from a meal delivery plan. Some will say it’s the convenience it offers, while others say it is the health benefits and wellness food options it brings to your dinner table. To get a better outlook, let’s dive into what others believe are good reasons to choose a meal delivery plan.


Finding a recipe with all the right ingredients can sometimes be difficult. You can google the best Mexican dish, yet if you cannot find all the ingredients to make the meal as perfect as it sounds, it can be a real bummer. With a meal-delivery kit, all the ingredients are sent to your home. So, there is no fuss of finding the right recipe or not having exactly the right ingredient to make your dish the way you planned it to be. All the way down to the basics are measured out, so you don’t even need to go to the grocery store. This also can help shorten the cooking time and make it easy to follow instructions. For seniors that are able to still cook for themselves yet have trouble getting to the store without some help, then meal delivery kit plans can be the answer you are looking for.

Health and Wellness Benefits

We all have fallen for the cheap food options at the local fast-food restaurant. And we know how unhealthy many are to our bodies. Yes, it is true that it is much easier to go through the drive-thru to suppress our late-night cravings. However, these unhealthy choices are often full of high calories, trans fats, and loaded with sodium. Even taking a walk into our own pantry or raiding our fridge is not always the best option and can leave us feeling a sense of regret.

However, when you choose from a meal kit delivery service, you can eat healthier while planning out your menu for the week. Also, using a meal kit plan can provide seniors with no mess cooking options without the stress of buying all the ingredients and preparing the meals. Many plans also provide seniors with nutritional information and low-calorie recipes to help maintain a healthy body. Sometimes, you can request low sugar, low carbs, or no-meat options when planning out your weekly menu. Whatever plan you choose, just remember to choose the one that fits all your needs. 


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