Top 10 Walking Rollators for Better Mobility

Getting around the house or out on the town with mobility issues can be frustrating. For seniors, the disabled, or anyone with an injury may find it difficult to walk. However, there are many types …

Getting around the house or out on the town with mobility issues can be frustrating. For seniors, the disabled, or anyone with an injury may find it difficult to walk. However, there are many types of walkers that provide the support and stability needed to stay mobile. Basic walkers are usually made of aluminum and provide gripping handles and rubberized feet to prevent the individual from falling or slipping. However, walkers with wheels or what is known as rollators offer more support and many other special features. In this featured article you will find walkers that offer braking systems on the handle bars, different wheel options, padded seating and backrests for more comfort, and storage spaces for carrying personal items.  Some rollator walkers offer a basket, pouch, or space under the seat. There are also different weight capacity options for overweight or people with obesity, helping them get around the house more easily. The top 10 Walking Rollators for Better Mobility list will help seniors or any disabled individual make the right choice that fits their needs when selecting a rollator walker. Choosing the right type of rollator can make the difference in a person’s life. It is suggested to look at any useful tips, read the reviews, compare pricing, and select the right brand. Now, take a moment and read on to choose which one is best for you or the loved one in your life. 

1. Drive Nitro

The first rollator OnlineSeniorCenter features is the Drive Nitro rollator. This walker is a great help for many seniors and disabled individuals and can be easily collapsed to fit into the back seat of a car or trunk. The rollator is a compact size by bringing together both handles, so they almost touch. The frame of the Drive Nitro is also made of lightweight aluminum, with built-in brake cables that provide extra safety protection from falls.  The Drive Nitro rollator offers large front wheels for an increased radius when turning. The walker also provides a comfortable nylon seat for seniors to use when they need a rest, including height adjustments for a variety of height measures. The rollator includes a zippered storage bag for securing items on the go. The weight capacity for the Drive Nitro Standard height is 300 lbs. Total Dimensions: seat width: 18 in. height: 20.5 in. handle height: 33.5-38.25 in. walker weight: 17.5 lbs. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. 4-wheel walker. The price for the walker is around $187.93.

2. Drive Nitro HD

The Drive Nitro HD Rollator is similar to the standard Nitro, yet it offers a few more features for seniors. The walker features a lightweight aluminum frame at only 23 lbs. Yet the seat dimensions are wider than the standard version. The brake cable is inside the frame for added safety and the handle height can be adjusted by using a push button. The rollator easily folds to a compact size for better storage and a plastic clip holds the Nitro closed as the frame is folded. For optimal steering and rolling comfort, 10 in. front wheels are added for support and can easily work well on most terrain. A caster fork design enhances the turning radius for easy use. The seat height is 23.5 in. and the seat width is 23 in. The weight capacity of the Drive Nitro HD Rollator is also larger compared to the standard Nitro, holding up to 450 lbs. The total weight if the walker is only 20.5 lbs. The average price is about $379.

3. Drive Nitro Duet Rollator/Transport

Next option for seniors is the Drive Nitro Duet Rollator transport walker. The rollator combines a simple walker to a wheelchair-type model, making it more accessible for easy transporting. The senior or disabled person can either move him/herself or be pushed by a caregiver. To change the walker to a transport chair, there are locking armrests that flip up and down. There is also a two-position reversible contoured padded backrest for extra comfort. The Drive Nitro rollator transport comes with a padded seat with a carrying pouch that offers more privacy and for the senior to secure any personal items. The handles on the transport are adjustable for the perfect height with a self-threading knob. The rollator provides 8 in. casters that are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Dimensions of the rollator/transport chair are as follows: seat width: 13.5″, seat height: 21″, transport weight: 20 lbs. According to Amazon, the price ranges between $279-$324.00. 

4. Drive Nitro DLX Rollator

Our next rollator is the Drive Nitro DLX. It is known as an attractive, Euro-style design with adjustable handle bars that changes the height by pressing a unique push button. For seniors, having good back support is essential when using a rollator, and that is exactly what the Drive Nitro DLX provides to their customers. With the help of a tool-free thumb screw, the height can be adjusted for better back support.  Another great piece on the DLX rollator is the 10″ front casters, which gives excellent steering and rolling comfort while enhancing the turning radius. The Drive Nitro DLX rollator provides a lightweight frame that easily folds and opens securely in place. Since the rollator is only 22 lbs in weight, it can be folded with only one hand. The seat width is about 18 in. and the seat height is 20 in. A zippered storage bag is also included. According to Amazon, the Drive Nitro DLX Rollator runs between $249 and $268 in price. 

5. Nova Zoom Rollator/Walker

The Nova Zoom Rollator is a unique walker for seniors to choose from this list. The rollator offers four seat heights, making it more convenient for petite to tall individuals. Some features include 8″ wheels, an under the seat pouch, a padded seat, patented feather touch hand brakes, and a flip up back seat for extra comfort. The Nova Zoom Rollator also includes self-threading height adjustment knobs. Seat height includes 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”, which helps seniors or disabled individuals whether they are sitting or standing. The Nova Zoom design is great for both indoor or outdoor use, and offers a patented lock and load feature, making it more stable when you lift yourself in and out of vehicles. The 8″ rugged wheels on the Nova Zoom Rollator are good for almost any terrain, giving seniors a smooth and comfortable ride. The  brakes are backed by a five-year Brake Warranty on all brake parts. The walker also includes a small pocket inside the pouch for keys and phones. The cost of the Nova Zoom Rollator is approximately $169.95.

6. Nova Travelor 3 Wheel Rollator/Walker

The Nova Travelor three-wheel Rollator is perfect for getting around small or tight spaces. The rollator is easy to fold up and store when not in use and easy to roll or park anywhere. The walker comes with a large, zippered storage pouch and basket for seniors to keep some personal items with them as they travel on the go. Nova Travelor walker is equipped with All-Terrain 8″ rubber wheels, which comes with a wide base. The hand brakes are designed for maximum comfort and control, which helps seniors stop on a dime. The wheels are also durable and great for both indoor and outdoor use, making the ride smooth and stable. Whether you are parking or locking the brakes, it just takes a push downward on the lever, or a pull upwards to release. The handle height adjustments are between 30.25” and 35.25”. The Rollator is a lightweight walker at only 16.5 lbs. and costs about $100.00. 

7. Medline Aluminum Rollator

The Medline Aluminum Rollator is a durable, lightweight walker that is 40 percent lighter than  the average rollators available for senior citizens or any disabled individual needing mobility assistance. The walker comes with a padded seat and curved padded backrest, providing better support and comfort to each user. The reinforced aluminum frame is easy to maneuver on most surfaces and offers adjustable arm brakes for easy gripping. The grip handles are between 31 to 35 inches. The Medline Aluminum Rollator is one of the lightest walkers seniors can buy, weighing in at only about 14 lbs. However, some models do go up to twenty pounds. The walker also folds flat for easy storage and transportation in all types of vehicles. The seat width of the rollator is approximately 17″ and the height is about 20″. The average cost for the Medline Aluminum Rollator is only $60.89. The frame will support up to 250 pounds. 

8. Vive Rollator 4 wheel Walker

One of the best rollators or walkers is called the Vive four-wheel Rollator. It provides seniors with limited mobility issues the support they need and helps navigate seniors on most terrain. The walker includes a comfortable backrest and carrying pouch that seniors can use for storing essentials with them. The Vive Rollator includes adjustable handles with easy to grip material for extra comfort. The walker is also lightweight, easily compact, and can be stored away in any vehicle, whether a midsize car or van. The aluminum frame is corrosion-resistant and supports up to 300 pounds. A dual braking system with ergonomic hand brakes are added for extra safety and stability.  The Vive Rollator 4-wheel walker the seat width is about 18 inches and the walker height adjusts in height between 31 to 36 inches, perfect for both petite and big and tall individuals. According to the Vive Health website, the cost of the four-wheel walker is about $119.99.

9. Vive 3 wheel travel Rollator

The Vive 3 wheel travel Rollator provides seniors with a 3-wheel design, allowing for easy navigation in crowded places or through narrow spaces for extra support. Push pins are added to allow seniors to change the handle height easily and provide a more comfortable fit. The walker itself is a compact foldable design that can easily be stored in small places such as a trunk or backseat of standard car sizes. The lightweight design allows seniors to transport the rollator themselves with ease. The walker holds up to 250 pounds. A convenient storage bag is also included to help seniors to safely carry a purse or wallet, medications, or their phones with them on the go. The Vive 3-wheel travel rollator includes hand brakes that lock the wheels in place and help safely maneuver around tight corners or inclines. The Vive Rollator is approximately $114.99 each. Although there is no seat on the 3-wheel walker by Vive, the height can be adjusted from 31” to 38.5”. 

10. ELENKER Upright Walker

The Elenker Upright Walker is the last Rollator on this list. However, it is one of the most helpful walkers that seniors can choose when assisting them, especially in times of rehabilitation or home care assistance. The Elenker allows your back to stay straight while still keeping you active and on the go. The walker works well for both petite and tall individuals. The height of the padded armrest is between 38”-46”, leaving your arms rest at a relaxing and natural level of comfort without causing any stress to the arms. The Upright walker provides a detachable shoulder bag and a cane holder, so seniors can keep their hands free. The huge 8” wheels allow seniors to do a 360° degree turn, perfect for all-terrain walking trails. The full dimensions for the Elenker Upright walker is 18”(L) x 10”(D) x 22”(H). The walker is sturdy enough for both indoor and outdoor use. The cost of the Elenker Upright walker runs about $199.99 to $249.99 on Amazon.

Types of Rollators 

Distinguishing between the many types of rollators can be done by looking at a few specific features they each have. For instance, some have only two wheels, while others three or four wheels. Each one provides a certain amount of support and stability for the senior or disabled individual that uses the walker. Here are some factors that make them different.

Two-wheeled: The two-wheeled walkers offer a comfortable seat and travel pouch like many others do, yet there are only wheels in the front, and the back has the same construction as the look of a cane. Many manufacturers provide the 2-wheeled walker for both seniors or any individual with limited mobility.

Three-wheeled: The 3-wheeled rollator is best used for those who need assistance in walking, yet can stand without the lack of feeling tired, which is important since most three-wheel walkers do not provide a seat to use. It does, however, provide a large travel pouch or bag in the front.

Four-wheeled: Any four-wheeled rollator or walker will offer the best support for seniors or individuals with limited mobility issues. The walker will also provide a comfortable seat, gripping handles, back support, and sometimes a large storage area for personal items to be stored. Some 4-wheeled rollators can close to a compact size for easy storing.

Whatever size you choose to buy, always look at all the features that the rollator offers. Seniors who use these rollators need to feel that it fits all their needs, which may include the seat width, height of the walker, the weight of the rollator itself, and the cost it is to buy. Each type of rollator on this list may also come in several colors, styles, and warranty options. Seniors should also check the reviews of each type of rollator/walker to help them make the best choice.