Internet Solutions for Senior Full-Time RVers

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The most common issue that many full-time RVers have is finding the best internet solution while driving across the country and enjoying retirement. Staying connected to family and friends while on the road is important, so making sure you have either a good RV internet provider, Mobile WiFi or Mobile Broadband can help with this constant issue. Ten years ago, it was tricky to find a good internet solution as a full time RVer. Many campgrounds and RV parks lack the means to have a strong internet connection. When it all comes down to it, getting good internet will depend on where you are staying and what is your location. There are a few options that could help you stay connected while still traveling in your RV and enjoying the open road. Though, there are some problems that do occur with them. Sometimes people will overpay for their services, get unnecessary services that they do not need, or receive poor results with the internet providers. Always read the fine print before signing up and check for deals or promotions, if they offer. Now let’s discuss the ways most people access the internet when traveling on the road. 

Here are 4 main ways to access the internet while on the road:

  • Public/Private Accessible WIFI Networks – Fast food restaurants, RV Parks, Libraries, Rest Stops, Coffee Shops, etc
  • Satellite Connection – Dish, Hughesnet, Starband, etc
  • Wireless Service Provides (Cell Phone Networks) – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc
  • DSL or Cable – This can be an awesome high-speed internet option, if only for RV parking and do not plan to travel.

Choosing the right type for your needs is necessary, especially if you find yourself more on the road than staying at a particular RV park or hanging around a public place, such as a Mcdonald’s. For those constantly moving, then a strong satellite connection would be a good choice. Or, getting wireless service can provide the answer. It just depends on the user and how often you are on the road. Now that you understand what are the ways to access the internet, let’s take a look at the best providers of internet solutions for full-time RV users while on the road. 

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is one of the top providers of internet solutions nationwide. They offer affordable rates, the coverage that follows you wherever you go, and reliable connections. Verizon offers mobile internet plans as low as $25 per month, which is a great price for seniors who love to travel. Seniors will also experience a higher speed connection through 5G technology; which is awesome for fast downloads and unlimited data. Verizon also offers an LTE Business Internet plan, a great choice for seniors who are also business owners while on the road. Prices start at $69 per month. An example of this is food truck owners, pop-up stores, or insurance adjusters that need reliable internet while driving from one place to another. There are no annual contracts or extra fees. Those who are military personnel, teachers, or first responders may also be eligible for a discount on their Verizon Wireless plan.  Seniors can also check out Verizon MiFi 6620L Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, which is great for RVers on the road.

Highlights: affordable rates, 5G technology, reliable connection, fast downloads, no annual contracts.

Express VPN

Express VPN is an internet connectivity app and another great internet solution. It offers a secure and reliable connection from anywhere you are. It also protects all your (phone, tablet, computer, or router) devices while traveling abroad for either work or at home for an affordable price. They provide a network of high-speed servers spanning over 94 countries. Seniors will feel safe when using Express VPN anytime they go online. Whether shopping from your RV or connecting at a local coffee shop, this internet connection keeps your personal information private and secure. Express VPN also provides stronger data protection with best-in-class encryption. Express VPN’s network is built for speed and powered by next-generation technology. Some features include Live, 24-hour customer support; lightning-quick connection, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Right now, Express VPN has a special offer, where you get 3 extra months for FREE! Most reviews are positive and many users believe the app is worth trying. 

Highlights: Protects all devices, high-speed servers, 5G technology, 24-hour customer support, special deals, 30-day money-back guarantee.


 Another type of internet option while on the road is Starlink. Starlink is constantly growing for RV users. It uses the technology of advanced satellites, to get you online while keeping your connection working smoothly. Those who try Starlink can expect download speeds between only 100 Mb/s and 200 Mb/s. Starlink also enables seniors to make video calls, play online games, perform streaming activities, or other types of high data activities while traveling. The Starlink Kit comes with the StarLink itself, plus a wifi router, cables, and base. Seniors will need a clear night sky in order to connect to the internet. Users can download the Starlink App to determine the best install location. Starlink is mainly ideal for rural and remote locations or small communities. It can also be a great help during natural disasters, or in areas that are difficult to find strong internet connections, such as national parks or open plains. Starlink also has led the internet industry in new innovations. In fact, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has recently been switched on for mobile use. This allows RVs to stay connected to the internet while driving. The app helps with reducing satellite brightness, minimizing the impact on astronomy, and protecting the natural night sky for everyone. 

Highlights: advanced satellites, allows for high data activities, great for rural/remote locations, fast speed connections, connect while you drive!


There is another internet solution option that can provide seniors with a good internet connection while on the road. TOGO RV offers reliable internet whether cruising on the west coast or traveling through the Appalachian mountains. Just like WIFi in your home, TOGO RV will provide the same WIFI connection on the road. Choosing TOGO RV can also be a great internet solution because not all campgrounds or RV parks have good internet service. TOGO RV will provide the right set up and gear, so seniors can connect to the internet from anywhere, anytime. It will allow you to connect by using either your phone, computer, or tablet. This plan can also help kids connect to their zooming classes or streaming videos. Use TOGO RV to check emails, do online shopping, or while working remotely. Having a strong internet connection is crucial when you’re riding in an RV or just camping with family, and TOGO RV provides just that. 

Highlight: Reliable internet connection, available on all devices, streaming abilities, great for working online or shopping.

T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile will be our last Internet solutions for seniors that are full time RVers. The plan is called Binge On, which offers many features for those who are not only RVers, but anyone who is always on the go. Binge On will give seniors unlimited video streaming with network services, such as Nexflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and even Amazon. Plus, seniors can use the Binge On plan on any device; whether it be on your phone, tablet or computer. Seniors just need a  qualifying 3GB or higher data plan to be eligible. The plan will give you the option to watch up to 3x more video at higher speeds. There is absolutely no data charges or overages. Binge On streaming service from T-Mobile is completely free, when you are a T-Mobile custumer with the Simple Choice plan. T-Mobile does offer an Unlimited plan, specifically for seniors over 55. The plan includes 5G access, SD streaming, and a dedicated customer service team. Plus, there are no annual service contracts with the Unlimited Plan.

Highlights: unlimited streaming, use on most devices, high speeds, dedicated customer service, no annual service contracts!

What is the Best Wi-Fi for My RV experience?

To truly answer this question will depend on what kind of surfer (internet surfing, that is) and camper you really are. For example, if you need an RV park that has high speed WiFi, then connecting to public or private networks in one place is the answer you may be looking for. On the other hand, if you love the outdoors and enjoy boondocking in the woods, then getting a satellite dish or a strong cellular phone with wireless service could be for you. Most RV parks that do offer high speed internet usually are not as strong as they claim to be. So, getting something like a signal booster may be a good move. Choosing the right internet connection also depends on how connected you need to be. For example, if you are a senior that works remotely from your computer or laptop, then having a strong and reliable connection, like the Starlink option, is necessary and a requirement. However, if you are one that is a stroller and does not need to be online all the time, then maybe choosing T-Mobile’s Binge On option is your best choice. Whatever internet connection you choose, make it your own. Keep in mind, RV internet is not always a one-time installation, such as hooking up a modem in your home. Most RVers will need to evaluate what type of internet solution is needed for each place they visit while traveling on the road. 

How Much Does RV Internet Plans or Wi-Fi Connections Cost?

As mentioned in each above plan, the cost for WiFi will vary. Most people that travel make up a budget before hitting the road. Now, there are many ways to save while traveling; however, staying connected can sometimes be expensive. To make this easy for seniors, we have listed the types of internet solutions from the least expensive to the most pricey options available.

Cellular Data: This is by far the easiest way to connect when it comes to RV internet solution options. Overall, it is reliable and provides fast connections in many locations. Though, there are some carriers that charge per gigabyte of data, which may add up. To counteract this from happening, try looking for plans offering unlimited data, such as T-Mobile’s Binge On. 

Satellite Internet: Most satellite providers will cost around $50 per month; however, there is usually upfront costs and equipment rental fees when starting up. On the other hand, if you love the RV life, it could be worth it in the long run. Just think of the money you will save from going to Starbucks, spending $5 a trip, which can cost more than $200 in just one month.

Mobile Hotspot: One last option is using a mobile hotspot. These allow the user to access a wireless data plan with a given number of computers and tablets. Sometimes the senior may have to pay up front, and other times the plans are available as a month-to-month contract. If choosing this option, look for one without a contract, like a pay-as-you-go program. Sometimes your own mobile phone provider will offer deals on hotspots if they know you are planning a trip. 

Tips and Tricks of RV Internet Solutions

  • Using Apps: Sometimes just using an app on your phone can help get you the right internet solution. Just download the app from the chosen provider and you get the coverage that you need.
  • Boosting data signals: Choosing a signal receiver can help seniors gain more data signals and get you online faster.
  • Old School style: Another way to get some good entertainment is through video streaming. There are many types of landline internet options, such as Roku, Netflix, or Redbox that seniors can use to stream their favorite shows or movies when RVing. They can also save you lots of money.  

Being a full time RVer while trying to get the best internet solution can be difficult at times. But as you can see there are plenty of good options to choose from. Most offer affordable rates and high speeds, while others may offer next generation technology and unlimited data plans. Whichever way you go, internet solutions for seniors are endless. 


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