Best Travel Tour Companies for Seniors

There is no surprise that once seniors retire, they have more time to take long trips or visit family. More opportunities also open up for traveling. Many seniors look forward to taking a long awaited …

There is no surprise that once seniors retire, they have more time to take long trips or visit family. More opportunities also open up for traveling. Many seniors look forward to taking a long awaited vacation or travel to places they never had a chance to while working a regular 9 to 5 job for 30+ years. In fact, travel tour guides are one of the most popular ways seniors love to spend their retirement doing. There are many types of tours available for seniors and some offer tours in style, while going above and beyond to make their customers happy. Tour companies also work hard to meet the needs of travelers, no matter their age, style they are looking for, or disability concerns. So, whether you need a short getaway on the weekend or a months-long trip to a far off destination, there are numerous opportunities to explore nature as you age. 

Choosing the right travel tour company will depend on some factors, including what type of tour you may be searching for. Some seniors may want to hike the Blue Ridge Mountains, while others would rather go scuba diving in the Caribbean. Whatever is the best option, seniors will find exactly what they need. There is also the price factor. Traveling can sometimes be pricey, depending on your location; however, there are many destinations and travel companies that offer great tours for seniors on a low budget. So, whether you are still working in your 50’s and need a weekend break or at the prime age of 80 and still looking to finish that bucket list, below are the Best Travel Tour Companies for Seniors.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel provides seniors with a variety of ways to travel. Whether you are going on a trip alone or with your significant other, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors and tour the globe with Intrepid Travel touring company. Their top destinations that seniors choose are places like Morocco, Peru, Jordan, and Australia. In the US, many tourists choose National Park guides, such as touring the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Tennessee Trails. Their mission is to “create positive change through the joy of travel.” Intrepid Travels also offers many deals for seniors to take advantage of while traveling. Right now, seniors have the option to enjoy 30% of Antarctica travels. Plus, there are several last minute deals for those who like to jump at a chance for a quick getaway. Most of the last minute deals will lower the original price, but seniors need to be ready to leave within a few days. Intrepid also offers many types of themes, such as cruises, wildlife adventures, cycling tours, retreats, and festival gatherings. The adventures are endless. These trips are also great for active seniors who are not planning to slow down anytime. So, whether you like to watch a lunar sky over the desert, hike the deep canyons, or explore snow-capped mountains, the Intrepid travel company can take you there.


Backroads is another great travel company offering a wide range of activities and adventures for seniors of all ages. Backroads, which is based in Berkeley, California, offers many types of travel tours and vacation opportunities for seniors over 50. Options range from biking tours off the coast to walking/hiking ventures in the mountains to touring the wine country. Although their tours are for all ages, there are a quite of senior travel opportunities to choose from. Backroads offer not just US tours; there is plenty of Europe and Asia travel tours offered to seniors who desire to go global with their travel plans. In fact, there are tours in every continent around the world. Many seniors take their travel plans in Southeast Asia or in places like Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. Seniors can also find many resources on their site through inspiring blogs and articles from authors sharing their own experiences. 

Smithsonian Journeys

Another travel company is the Smithsonian Journeys. They offer seniors not only cultural journeys of interest, but many educational travel tours as well. The Smithsonian Journeys are available to seniors who want to travel almost anywhere across the us or go globally. Seniors can also enjoy many types of trips by using Smithsonian Journeys. Whether seniors want to travel by land, sea, train, or flight, the types of travel are endless with the Smithsonian Journeys. Many seniors enjoy the river cruises that are often available during the summer and fall months. There are also great deals for those who book early or plan to travel alone on a last minute trip. One thing that is for sure about traveling with the Smithsonian Journeys is the amazing picturesque views to see and enjoy. Seniors will not be disappointed. 

Overseas Adventure Travel

The next on this list is the Overseas Adventure Travel company. They specialize in solo travel opportunities across all continents. In fact, from now til 2023, there will be over 42,000 travelers joining O.A.T. as solo adventures. O.A.T, as they call themselves, are designed specifically for seniors over 50. Many of their trips being offered are for solo excursions and for women wanting to explore the world together. They are also a leader in personalized small group adventures in America and around the world. O.A.T provides many ways to support older adventures on their trips and offer special deals exclusively on their website. Most Overseas Adventure Travel trips are at least two weeks long; sometimes a trip to a destination could be a 4- to 6-week excursion. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Overseas Adventure Travel provides trips through Asia, Europe, Central and South America, South Pacific and Africa.  There are also some travel plans specially designed for female explorers. 


Trafalgar, which is one of the most trusted and largest travel companies, offers many vacation hot spots for seniors. In fact, many of their upcoming travel destinations for the fall are great for traveling seniors, whether you are 50 or 75. Trafalgar also recognizes the health and wellbeing of all its participants by providing updated health protocols and Covid restrictions, including keeping each traveler safe while heading to their destination. The travel company also offers many types of themes, such as safari tours, food travel, sightseeing adventures, and majestic cruises. Seniors can also take group tours, where you go to several destinations in one long trip. Trafalgar takes the worry out of travel, by providing seniors an easy way to plan, book, and explore while vacationing with them. 

Senior Cycling

Senior Cycling has been around since 1999. They provide cycling tours for people at any level. Whether you are looking for an easy ride while touring the coast or a more advanced cyclist that prefers cycling over hills and heavy terrain. The company, which is based in Asheville, NC, specializes in tours for seniors 50 and over. There is also group and family cycling tours offered at an affordable rate. Group tours are limited to only 13 riders, to give each rider the personal care and safety they deserve while riding. The SAG wagon is available for anyone, if they ever feel the need to take a break from riding. Senior Cycling provides a friendly environment to all seniors and their families. All tour participants do have to provide proof of vaccination for coronavirus in order to book a tour. Whether you want to ride down to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and enjoy the north eastern coastline or bike through the Great Allegheny Passage way, which is a 150-mile ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MA; the sites are beautiful and worth the trip. 

Road Scholar

Our next travel company is Road Scholar, which started back in 1975 as Elderhostel. It was renamed in 2010 to focus more on the interest and pleasure-seeking experiences of their participants over the past years. Most travelers that tour with Road Scholar are over 50; however, they do provide family tours as well. Road Scholar is all about providing an exceptional learning and educational experience while traveling and touring the world. They offer tours with many themes, from city explorations, national parks, cruises, historical landmarks, and much more. Road Scholar is for anyone at any activity level. They offer numerous learning expeditions in over 150 countries. Their goal is to provide each participant a deeper perspective of knowledge of what the world can offer. All programs with Road Scholar are ranked by which level of activity or education level each senior is looking for. 

Firebird Tours

Firebird Tours offers a variety of tours and journeys for seniors to travel all across the globe. Although based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they do provide offices in Australia, Switzerland, and Malta. Seniors can enjoy many destinations throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle east. Their goal is to provide comfort, value, and quality for a reasonable price. There are also some family tours and group discounts available. Firebird Tours also offers travel themes like Culinary adventures, architecture tours, historical landmarks, or even family getaways. Seniors can choose their tour by region as well. Wherever your destination is, Firebird can get you there. If you are not certain where you like to travel, seniors can always check their travel blog for exciting news about many different places. They also offer some of the best value-for-your-money with exclusive private tours.

Top Five Benefits Why Seniors Should Travel

1. Builds Your Independence

Traveling can help increase a senior’s ability to become more self-reliant and go places without the assistance of others. For those who are introverts, traveling is something of a challenging task. However, once they make the first steps, it will open more doors and adventures than they can ever imagine. It can also be a great way to boost a senior’s confidence and help them learn about their surroundings outside of their own community.

2. Keeps Seniors Physically Active

We all know that as we age, our physical bodies go through many changes. We may not be as agile or flexible as we once were. However, traveling is a simple way to keep moving and staying active as we enter our 50 and beyond years. There are many traveling tours for active adults, such as cycling, walking, and hiking tours. And some do provide accommodations for those needing a little assistance as well. Traveling can also improve a senior’s energy level and metabolism. Even on some cruise ships, there are a variety of games to stay active and healthy while traveling.

3. Increases Mental Health and Wellbeing

Although physical health is important, mental health is just as necessary for seniors. When seniors begin to explore outside of their comfort zone, the benefits are endless. One is the increase of mental health. No matter where you go, traveling can help ignite your spirit and stimulate your brain. Traveling can also help seniors focus on positive energy and less on negativity that is often around us. It may also help keep seniors at peace with nature and even lower their chances of mental illness conditions, such as Dementia. Lastly, traveling may increases your wellbeing too; and decrease depression, stress, or even loneliness. 

4. Experiencing Different Cultures while Traveling

There is no doubt that traveling can broaden your mind to many cultures and help you learn about how other people live. Our world is very diverse and one of the best ways to understand others is by traveling and experiencing their own way of life. It can be eye-opening for some, and help people become more culturally aware of the knowledge that other countries possess. There are many books on cultures around the world, but traveling to them is a whole different experience.

5. Exporing Different Foods

Similar to experiencing different cultures, learning about different types of foods is another benefit for traveling seniors. If the only way you get exposure to foreign foods is by watching cooking channels, than you may be missing out on a whole new way of experiencing different cuisines. Real life experiences with food while traveling can introduce a senior to a new way to cook. Some foods, such as certain fruits or vegetables from around the world may only be available if you travel to them. Plus, who wouldn’t love to experience a picnic in a vineyard while smelling the delicious food aroma in the air. Seniors may also enjoy different flavors and textures that they cannot normally experience while at home. So, go ahead, and start searching for your next destination.


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