Best 30 Foot and Under RVs for Seniors

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The RV Lifestyle

Many seniors take advantage of their retirement by traveling around the country in an RV. They are great for those who love to hit the open road and enjoy the beauty that our country has to offer. And there is no better time than after the kids are all grown up and out of the house. However, for some the RV lifestyle can be intimidating with a huge RV motorhome to travel in. If this is your case, then getting a small RV that is 30 feet or less can be the answer that you are looking for. Believe it or not, there are some very luxurious motorhomes that offer everything you need to fit your lifestyle while giving you the freedom and mobility when entering small campgrounds or national parks.  Many 30 ft. RVs also include a shower and toilet, comfortable living areas, and privacy while camping. Although you may be getting a little less space than in a bigger RV, it will provide more options in terms of where and how you travel when you get to your destination. Here are the top five that are the best 30 ft. and under RVs for Seniors.

1. Coach House Platinum III

Coach House Platinum III offers a motorhome, designed as a one-piece, hand-laid fiberglass body, resulting in fewer leaks and bodywork. This RV also guarantees seniors will experience a smoother, more comfortable ride than other RV motorhomes on the market. Some of the best features on the Coach House Platinum III is that it provides strong, durable material for a quiet performance. Most other RVs are built with many pieces, causing more chances for damage. However, since it is all one piece, seniors can feel more safe and secure as they travel around all sorts of roads, whether in town or on the open road. Prices for the Coach House Platinum III starts at just under $200,000. This RV is about 25 feet long, provides an outdoor shower with hot water, and can be covered by a comprehensive warranty. Gas Mileage is around 15-20 mpg.

Highlights: Price: Starting at $200,000; Length: About 25 Feet; Gas Mileage: 15-20 mpg; one-piece RV body

2. Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

The Winnebago View is a new type of RV for this modern age. The design makes you feel so much at home, you’ll forget you are even in a vehicle. The RV provides sleeping quarters for up to four people, including an insulated cab-over bunk sleeper deck and murphy bed if needed. The Winnebago View is where quality meets affordability, and it’s all under 30 ft. Prices for this RV starts at $172,128; Its length is around 26 ft, and its gas mileage is about 16 to 18 mpg. The Winnebago offers some unique features. Such as offering an additional entertainment package with available theater seating, several charging outlets for all your electronic devices, and a sleek hardwood floor look. It is great for couples that love to travel in style or a single senior who just wants to experience the outdoors with a modern touch. You can even ask to look at different floor plans. The Winnebago View Class C Motorhome also allows you to purchase holding tanks and a long-lasting battery.

Highlights: Price: Starting at $172,128; Length: About 26 Feet; Gas Mileage: 16 to 18 mpg; Several floorplans.

3. Forest River Sunseeker

The Sunseeker Motorhomes are unique in their own way. The motorhome is a 6-cylinder, “Certified Green” vehicle, by TRA Certification, making it environmentally friendly. This means there is less harm toward the environment. This RV offers a split-level design, allowing for maximum headroom in the living area. The Forest River Sunseeker also provides backup cameras, motion sensor lights in the bathroom, LED Kitchen Lights, and an android radio touchscreen with Bluetooth abilities. There is also a TV, located in the driving Cab. The Sunseeker is approximately 28 ft in length and depending on the class type, it can hold up to 50 gallons of fuel! The average gas mileage is between 14 -18 mpg. Prices start at around $115,600. The Sunseeker has a simple interior design and few charging stations; however, is affordable to all outdoor adventure seekers. Great for singles, couples, or if traveling with a guest or two. It also offers a warranty for the RV and Ford Chassis. The Sunseeker also has between 35 to 44 gal. Fresh water tank capacity. 

Highlights: Price: Starting at $115,600; Length: About 28 Feet; Gas Mileage: 14-18 mpg; Bluetooth; warranties offered.

4. Coachmen Freelander Class C

The Coachmen Freelander provides modern amenities as you travel in this sleek RV. This RV is great for a country drive with your loved ones or just heading to the beach for some rest and relaxation. The inside looks like you walked into a luxurious suite with a separate sleeping area.  The Coachman Freelander comes with a classic feel, practical for old-school seniors to feel at home. Ideal for couples with grandkids or traveling with a single guest. Bunk beds designs are available. This is a simple RV, with not much technological advances in place. Yet, it offers plenty of sleeping space. Coachman Freelander also offers the option of a Chevy or Ford model. The RV is available in both Vanilla and Hazelnut Themes. Prices for this RV have a starting range of about $189,000; it is approximately 27 feet long and can go about 17 to 19 mpg. 

Highlights: Price: Starting around $189,000; Length: About 27 Feet; Gas Mileage: 17 to 19 mpg; separate sleeping area.

5. Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Sprinter

The Four Winds Sprinter by Thor Motor Coach combines the classic feel of motorhomes with some of the most modern looks of today’s motorhome vehicles. They offer many special features that you can’t find in the older models. This includes new touchscreen dash radio, LED lighting, and a power patio awning, just to name a few. It even comes with a skylight, located in the antimicrobial shower. The Four Winds Sprinter from Thor Motor Coach also provides seniors with a keyless entry system, rearview camera, and a separated bedroom with a bunk over the cabin: perfect for those traveling with a guest or grandkids. Most love the spacious seating area it offers, and great for cooking your favorite meals.  With all these features, it’s no wonder the Sprinter is sure to please you and your guests. No matter your destination, the Sprinter will get you there safely and quickly. Prices start at about $121,000. Four Winds Sprinter has a length around 26 feet, with a gas mileage of 13-18 mpg. 

Highlights: Price: Starting about $121,000; Length: About 26 Feet; Gas Mileage: 13-18 mpg; LED lighting

How many types of RV Classes are there?

Although we have shared what we consider are the top 30 foot or less RVs for your next adventure, we want you to know what types of RVs are available. Currently, there are four classes of motorhomes on the market: Class A, Class B, Class B+, and the Class C. The one that has become the most popular is the Class B+ motorhomes, especially in the past decade or so. It is considered a hybrid motorhome, combining the Class A with the Class B RV type. Each type of class will have both Pros and Cons. When looking for the RV that is right for you, use this list to determine your own preference. 

What is the price of a small RV?

The cost of an RV can depend on what brand you choose and what kind of features it offers to the owner. For example, a small camper trailer that gets towed behind a car or truck may be as low as $10,000, or as high as $25,000. A fifth wheel RV can also cost around $40,000. However, a small RV will start around $100,000. Button line, it just depends on what exactly you are looking for. 

The Pros and Cons to Small RVs

According to recent RV sales, the Class B and Class C types of RVs are on the rise. Many believe this is because of the many innovative amenities that they offer, but without the high cost of larger RVs, such as a Class A model. Class B and C types are also easier to maneuver on a long road trip. Many Baby Boomers are trading in their traditional house or ranch for a home on the open road. This way, they can see all the sights of what America can offer, without the hefty mortgage of an unmovable home. Below are just some of the pros of what a smaller RV, compared to the larger ones will provide to new owners. 

Pros of smaller RVs

  • Better gas mileage
  • Low insurance costs
  • Easier city driving
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Dry camping access

Although getting a smaller RV does have its perks, they can come with some negative observations. Here are just a few cons to downsizing. 

Cons of smaller RVs

  • Smaller bathroom/showering space
  • Small holding tanks
  • Loud engine noise (especially in Class Cs)
  • Less payload capacity

How accessible are small RVs?

So, you’re planning a trip to see the Grand Canyon with your significant other. Will a small RV or motorhome be sufficient; to offer the right amount of comfort, space, and amenities? The simple answer is yes. Small RV’s will offer the necessary space for sleeping and storing food for a trip. They also provide a small range and microwave for cooking. Not to mention, your own toilet and shower, saving you time from stopping at rest stations. Plus, if you get tired of driving, just pull over and let your guest take the reins while you give yourself a nap. No need to stop to rest, unlike trailer campers, where it is illegal to have your guests in the separate camper while being towed behind. Small RVs also provide more maneuverability, than their much larger counterparts or RV campers that you tow. Overall, getting a smaller RV or motorhome will get you everywhere you want to go with ease and endless possibilities for a memorable adventure.

Is the RV life really worth it?

Just like everything else you own, there are times when things do need to be fixed. And having an RV, no matter the size, will need to be maintained. Like a brick and mortal home, there are many parts that make up a motorhome. Yet don’t let that deter you from taking a leap on the great adventure of owning an RV or motorhome. Seniors who want to use their retirement to travel, then buying a small RV can fill that need for some rest and relaxation. For those who do not know much of where to go and get started when deciding which class type to choose, there are plenty of information on the internet to guide you. One place that can be helpful is It is a site with plenty of resources, such as travel guides, newsletters, and testimonials on other people’s travelling experiences.


Now let’s take a moment and reiterate what we learned about motorhomes. Choosing a motorhome that is under 30 feet in length can still provide many impressive features that you will find on a larger, more expensive RV or motorhome.  When buying a motorhome, the first few things that most people will consider is the comfort, style, or amenities that it offers. Price is important too. Yet most people that are serious about purchasing a motorhome or RV tend to overlook the price for the comfort it provides. The cost of the RV is more than likely higher than putting a large down payment on a traditional home. Buying a smaller RV will not only be a smaller purchase, but it can also be easier to maneuver around, while heading across the country, the state, or near your favorite parks and campgrounds. No matter how you travel, a 30 ft. or less RV can take you to many special sights, attractions, or national monuments along the way. Whether it is with the love of your life, your favorite grandkids, or just going single, traveling in a small motorhome will be a fun and exciting adventure.


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