10 Incredible Camping Discounts for Seniors

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RV Camping is a great way to travel and experience the nation’s beautiful and historic RV parks. Anyone can go RV camping yet it is our Seniors that seem to be taking the adventure more seriously. Afterall, this is what retirement was for, right?

For those who want to enjoy the camping experience full time, it can get a little pricey. However, there are many ways to receive senior discounts for camping that help bring the cost down while still providing the best RV camping experience. Here are the top ten incredible camping discounts for seniors. The list discusses membership cost, benefits, where they can be used, and any amenities that come with the member card. Keep in mind in most cases the senior discount is non transferrable, can not be replaced, and cannot be extended. 

America the Beautiful Pass

The America the Beautiful Pass is actually offered to anyone who wants to head up the open road for RV camping at federal recreation lands owned by six federal agencies, including the US Forest Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Land Management (at participating federal recreation sites). However, the national park service Passes are broken up into different types. For example, the discounts available for seniors alone include the Annual pass and Lifetime senior pass, and the access pass. The federal recreational lands pass may provide up to fifty percent discount on amenities, such as facility uses for camping, swimming, boat launch fees, entrance fee, per person fees, or interpretive services. Seniors who have a Golden Age passport will still be honored for use, but these are no longer available to buy.

What does the senior pass provide? The senior passes admits the pass owner and three adult passengers to national parks, with free admission to federal recreation sites. Children sixteen and younger are free. Both the annual and lifetime pass can be used in over 2,000 recreation sites by citizens and permanent residents. The Access discount card is for any individual with a permanent disability and is equivalent to the lifetime discount card, including the same provisions and amenities (such as per vehicle fee areas).  Annual passes can be purchased for $20 and lifetime passes are $80. The Access discount card is free. (Does not apply to state parks.)

The Good Sam Club pass

The Good Sam Club helps seniors save money at over 2,400 RV parks across North America. Members receive a 10% discount at any Good Sam RV Park and up to $79 worth of merchandise when joining the Good Sam Club. You can purchase the membership at the Good Sam camping parks itself or online. Many of the Camping grounds provide full hookups, free Wi-Fi, and a variety of activities to choose from. On occasion, cabins may be available. Some benefits and amenities that are offered with the discount are boat fuel savings, RV storage areas, and discounts at outdoor retailers such as Camping World and Gander RV. Some parks are near amusement parks and natural attractions. Members can also save 5¢ per gallon of gas and 8¢ per gallon of diesel. The club also provides a planner guide, which offers tools and information to help seniors prepare for the best road trip every time. At the moment,  current membership rates are from $79 for a three-year membership, $50 for a two-year membership, and $29 for a one-year membership. 

Harvest Hosts pass

The Harvest Hosts community network offers a unique RV camping experience at places such as Wineries, farms, botanical gardens, cideries, and historical museums. The membership is only a $79 annual charge and offers a memorable experience at over 1,485 locations, including golf courses. The Harvest Host locations are found in all of the lower continental US states, Alaska, and Canada. The network provides many camping discounts for senior citizens as members. The annual cost will pay for itself in just one free night stay. The only requirement for joining is to have a self-contained RV with a toilet, water tank, and cooking facilities inside. No tents are allowed on the premise of each location. The Harvest Host program asks that each member support the location by making a purchase at each visit. Most Harvest Host locations are pet-friendly. Although it is wise to call the location for information. All locations are considered one-night stays; however, it is up to the discretion of the owner. 

The Happy Camper Club

The Happy Camper Club provides a variety of discount offers to RVers and campers exploring the open road. Members have the option to stay at hundreds of RV parks with full hookups at half the cost. There are no contracts or point systems required. The cost is only $39.99 per year. Each park associated with Happy Camper is individually owned and operated and is on a first come, first-served basis. As always, plan your trip ahead of time by calling early to verify the RV parks have room and are still part of the program. If anyone comes across a park that does not have the happy camper program, the Happy Camper company will pay the member $25 for each referral they submit to become part of the Happy Camper family. Tent campers can also take advantage of the Happy Camper membership as well. The benefits to becoming a member is priceless. Members receive a free online camping guide, long term discounts at the RV parks, and a collection of ebooks for the road, a value of $80! 

Thousand Trails

The Thousand Trails network has been around for over fifty years, providing one of the best RV camping experiences in twenty-five states throughout the US, including British Columbia. Thousand trails provides over 190 RV resorts and campgrounds over eighty different locations in five regions. New members of the network family receive 20% off the annual camping pass. The regular cost of membership is $599/yr. The thousand trails network offers resort-style amenities with many fun activities and entertainment for all its members. Members can experience free Wi-Fi in many of the locations, bike trails, fishing, outdoor games, and sometimes a community garden. Twenty-four hour security is also something they proudly provide to their members. Some parks may also provide beach access, if applicable. Thousand Trails is one of the largest networks of RV resorts and campgrounds. Only new members have the option to pay monthly. For seniors looking for more out of their membership, then buying the Trails Collection would offer more opportunities and an additional 100 campgrounds. The Thousand Trails is a great option for senior discounts for camping!

Escapees RV Club

If you love to meet new people while traveling around our beautiful country, then joining the Escapees RV Club is here for you. The Escapees RV Club is all about community. The club brings members with the same interests, come together, while educating new RVers on how to be confident and safe while on the road. The club offers support services, RV camping education, and is partnered with top associations in the nation. Escapees RV club is also one of the largest and oldest RV membership organizations throughout the world. The organization provides over 800 RV parks for every member to enjoy the outdoors while exploring our natural landscapes of our country. Whether you are a senior camper or just learning the ropes of RV camping, the escapees RV club will not disappoint you. In addition, it is one of the most affordable membership clubs available to seniors. The cost for joining is only $39.95/yr. The club offers senior discounts for camping in any of the RV parks. The Escapees RV Club also provides senior discounts to members of Boondockers and Harvest Hosts. The membership is for members with either type of camper or experience level. The Club also offers Roadside assistance for only $99/year.

Passport America

Passport America is a discount card option for all VR camping members looking for the best deals at campgrounds all across North America. The card provides up to 50 percent off at nearly 1600 campgrounds for a cost of only $44 per year. The Passport America RV discount card offers a $10 certificate toward your renewal for members that refer others that join the club.  Passport America is one of the world’s largest discount camping clubs. Similar to hotels, the campgrounds and RV parks are on a first-come, first-served basis. The discount card is available to use as often as the member wants, as long as the card is active. As part of the Passport America family, it is expected to respect your neighbors, be friendly to others around you, and keep your campground area clean when you leave. The discount card provides additional services offered at the campsite, 

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a membership subscription that provides RVers an enjoyable experience for the price of one campground night. The subscription provides both seniors and families a free overnight stay at any one of their RV host locations. Boondockers has over 2000 hosts worldwide, with more being added each day. The stays are at private property locations and many offer free electric hookups. The experience is a great way to make new friends and explore the local area while connecting with nature. Joining is easy. To receive guest privileges, each guest must have a self-contained RV. Having a toilet, sink and a built-in water tank in your RV are requirements for each guest member. The guest privilege subscription only cost $50 per year. However, hosting is half the price, $25/yr. Boondockers Welcome network partners with many membership discount organizations on this list; such as Harvest Hosts and Escapees RV Club. Other partnered memberships include RVing Women, The RV Advisor, and Explorer RV Club. The Bondockers welcome website provides many resources for new RVers to use as a guide on RV camping life. 

KOA Value Kard

KOA has been around for years, offering RV campgrounds and parks for seniors and families to gather together since 1962. Everyone wants to save money while exploring our country’s most beautiful landscapes; the KOA Value Kard Allows its members to do just that. There are many benefits to the KOA Value Kard for all RVers. The KOA Value Kard provides 10% off your daily registration rate, Rewards points that accumulate for cash off future stays, and includes a free night of camping during Value Kard Rewards Appreciation Weekend. The KOA value Kard is also available to be used towards cabins and tent camping as well. Regardless of how you plan to travel, the Value Kard is there to provide many benefits as well as offer quality amenities to all its guests. The KOA Kard Rewards program gets you many camping discounts for seniors, such as RV camping, special weekend deals, coupons, and individualized services. KOA wants your stay to be one of the best camping experiences you will have. All sites are clean, provide full hookups with 30- or 50-amp service, and come with laundry facilities. The cost for this total value is only $33/yr.

Family Motor Coach Association

The Family Motor Coach Association is the world’s largest member-owned, non-profit, RV travel club. It has over 150,000 members and the national headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. FMCA, for short, provides many discounts to both seniors and families who own either motorized RVs or towable RV types. There is no specific “senior discount” offered when becoming a member; however, the FMCA does offer senior living resources, members-only discounts at certain stores, and a free subscription to Family RVing, the FMCA magazine.. They even have RV rallies and events throughout the year. Partnered with KOA and Passport America, the FMCA family offers many RV travel services, shopping discounts, and roadside assistance to all its members. The cost is only $85 for the first year and $75 thereafter. However, members do have the option to pay for two years at $160 or $225 for a three year membership. Although they are family-oriented, the membership extends to business owners specializing in the RV industry. 

The benefits of RV camping discounts for senior citizens

RV camping is a great pastime for all ages. It has become a popular option for both families and senior citizens. However, for seniors who want more out of their retirement by traveling to wherever and whenever they want, then RV living is the answer. It provides the comfort of home while meeting new communities along the way. Many RV parks nationwide offer top amenities tailored to the older population and provide several discount subscriptions or annual memberships at half the cost that families normally would pay. Here is a small list of the best benefits for seniors interested in RV camping:

  • Cost of living is less- meaning, renting a rv park space is cheaper than a mortgage payment. 
  • Amenities are easily accessible and often a clean environment.
  • Many outdoor activities to socialize with other RVers and community outreach. 
  • Discount cards help seniors save on fuel, a huge bonus!
  • Mail-forwarding services – most RV campground memberships offer this. 

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