Top 10 Dating Sites for Seniors

Singles everywhere are always looking for a new way to meet that one person to share their life, and this is true for even seniors who may also be single and looking for someone to …

Singles everywhere are always looking for a new way to meet that one person to share their life, and this is true for even seniors who may also be single and looking for someone to spend their lives with while still having much life to live. The older population itself has steadily increased over the past several decades, and statistics show that by 2030, those who are baby boomers will all be over 65 years old. According to the U.S. Census Bureau projections, by 2030, one in five Americans will be older adults and will outnumber children for the first time in U.S. history.  That is a whole lot of Grandparents! 

The online dating method has become one of the most popular ways seniors are meeting people. Most sites are secure and offer the assurance that you will be satisfied with their program, or they will refund your money. Below are the top 10 dating sites for seniors. These Online Dating sites for seniors provide a way to communicate with other singles that share the same interests and values. It is pretty easy to get started.  Some sites are free to use; however, those that do charge may only be a little more than a few cups of coffee per month.  Many do offer a free trial before signing up. 

1. Silver Singles

The first site on our list is Silver singles have approximately 800,000 visits per month. One of the best reasons why SilverSingles is among the best dating sites for those over 50 is the fact that they put compatibility first. To get started, all members participate in an in-depth personality test, letting the site better understand each person’s needs and what they are really searching for when it comes to dating. The results then help pair people up based on their goals, values, and own criteria. Silver Singles also allows members to filter their own specifications, such as mature dating, gay senior dating, and older women dating. Silver Singles provides expert advice on how to make a lasting impact while searching for that special someone. The site is committed to making your online dating experience stress-free, safe, and worthwhile. 

2. Our Time

Our Time offers an online dating experience for seniors who are looking for real commitment and advice while searching for companionship online. The site is specifically for individuals over 50 who are ready for the next, and last exciting chapter of their lives to start with someone special. The site has over 8.9 million visitors per month and starting is Free! Our Time is here for you, whether it is just for companionship or romance. The site also is simple to use, so there are no anxieties of inexperience woes. It is highly recommended that you stay on the site platform for communicating with your searches, especially when getting to know someone at first. It is also important to be respectful, honest, and kind while using the dating platform. Not doing so may result in termination of membership.  The online dating community of Our Time wants your searches fun and stress free. The site focuses on specific interests and desires that you are looking for in a dating experience. 


The eharmony is one of the most popular online dating sites that singles of all ages have checked out one time or another. The site attracts over four million singles on an average month. Their dating method is based upon applying scientific research to the dating behavior of single individuals. The method consists of 29 dimensions of compatibility and using algorithms to get the best match. eharmony started in 1997 when online technology began to boom around the globe. Over the past twenty years, eharmony has passed the test of time by bringing people together through meaningful relationships to love that can last a lifetime. Recently, the online dating site has introduced a new video dating feature, allowing singles to “date” without leaving the comfort of home. The site pledges that every 14 minutes someone finds love on eharmony and is most likely to lead to happy relationships. 

4. Elite Singles

Next on the list is Elite Singles, the online dating site with an approach that considers your relationship preferences, education, location, and personality trait in the mix. Elite Singles suggests to each participate about three to seven matches suitable for the individual’s profile. The dating site connects people with like minded values, such as single parent dating, Christian dating, gay dating, Asian dating, or long-lasting love. Over two million visitors each month come to Elite Singles online and continue to grow each year. The site is open to anyone who is looking for any type of relationship, however, many members are working professionals looking for genuine love through their online dating system. For those who are over 50, the dating service provides a way to connect people with meaningful relationships, companionship, and love. Elite Singles is also free to seniors and your membership never expires. 

5. Zoosk

Zoosk is an online dating site that offers a free trial for the first 30 days of your dating experience. The site allows seniors to upload their best shots from the moment they get started on the site and offers a ton of features and benefits that will help each person find the right matches on Zoosk. Zoosk offers a free trial yet there is a subscription cost to receive a full membership. The monthly subscription is inexpensive and over 40 million singles trust its safe and secure online dating system. Once you are ready to begin the full membership, Zoosk can provide a promo code with a 10% discount. Zoosk also offers articles full of dating tips, online dating advice, break up help, data studies on dating, and single life living.  The site also provides a mountain of information for older adults living single and learning to get back in the dating game after the loss of a loved one. 

6. is one of the most used online dating sites serving nearly 40 million people in 24 countries. The online dating site offers three days for free to try it out and explore your matching options. Match works by defining how singles meet each other, including flirting, communicating, and dating techniques then puts it all into action through a complete profile of compatible matches. Match makes meeting people online simple and easy by putting the person in charge of finding love. Each member can upload up to 26 of their photos they want to share while searching hundreds of photos of others by clicking on their profile. Match also allows singles to specialize their searches by filtering their choices. Whether you are divorced, separated, or been single for a long time, the site can find what you are searching for. Although the site is for everyone, seniors can find matches that are specific to what they are searching for, whether it be just companionship or a lasting relationship.

7. Christian

Looking for a faith-based online dating site to meet singles? Then ChristianMingle is your place to be. ChristianMingle puts God in the center of the relationship and supports Christian values with long term compatibility results. The dating site uses communication tools that helps members meet people while allowing for deeper connections in each potential match. The site also will offer matches that have similar beliefs, goals, and also helps seniors find companionship and helps build confidence members need to go on their first date. Many couples who meet on ChristianMingle have similar experiences, such as a loss of a loved one, that brings them even closer and builds a deep bond of love and compassion for each other. ChristianMingle also provides their members with ways to best explain how to write your own profile, such as who you are and what your desires are.  ChristianMingle attracts over 15 million Christian singles visiting their site.

8. SeniorMatch

SeniorMatch is one online dating site that matches single seniors more accurately and in an easy to use application. The site is for older adults from age 45 and up, and designed for mature members who are interested in meeting compatible matches online.  Seniors start their journey with SeniorMatch by just answering some simple questions. Connect with other seniors that share the same interests to find the best match. The SeniorMatch dating site offers advanced filtering features, chat tools that are fun, and provides expert advice to all its members. There are also blog posts to read for the best advice on what to do on your first date. SeniorMatch is for both casual dating or serious dating, and is considered the largest and most effective dating site for baby boomers.  Since their beginnings, the dating site has connected over a million seniors.

9. SeniorCircle

SeniorCircle is all about creating new beginnings and making new relationships for seniors 55 and up. The site is absolutely free to use with no monthly charges. SeniorCircle also offers a secure and safe dating platform, free from any abusive behavior and allowing members to block or report suspicious behavior or someone they feel is not compatible and does not match their values. The site provides support whenever you need it and each member can stay anonymous if they choose to when first communicating with your matches. There are also no contracts, so seniors who sign up can delete their profile whenever they feel like it. SeniorCircle allows members to have some fun on the dating platform, such as exchanging emails and receiving virtual messages, including winks.  SeniorCircle is made up of a diverse community of members yet 87 percent of members are women.


FirstMet is an online dating site made simple. The site offers a fun way to chat, flirt, and date, all while having fun with the whole dating process. FirstMet allows their members to either sign up on the dating site itself or by using facebook. The dating site is one of the largest dating sites with more than thirty million subscribers. Creating a profile is also easy and stress-free. Registration to the site is free and the moment you sign up, you start meeting people to connect with and meet your expectations according to your profile’s preferences. FirstMet is for all ages yet members can choose their preferences to be only for only the senior section criteria. FirstMet is here for you, whether you have just lost a loved one, separated, divorced, or never been married at all. Seniors using the site will help find that special someone with your interests in mind. 

Second Chance Dating

Seniors who may have lost a loved one or a spouse who meant the world to them still want to live a fulfilling life. Learning to date again can sometimes feel overwhelming or uneasy to someone who has spent most of their adult life with only that one special person. There are some seniors who feel their family is all they need, or they may not be looking for or need a long-term commitment. This may be enough to some. However, there are older adults who may just need a companion, or a friend to talk to, or to just not be lonely. These online dating sites provide seniors exactly what they need or looking for. Someone to communicate with, to share your thoughts or interests with, or maybe share love. Giving a second chance on dating can be fun and exciting. Even for those who just need a dinner date for a special occasion or to be with someone you care about as the holidays roll in. Online dating sites cannot promise that you will find a second “happily ever after” again. Yet, they can bring you joy and match you with the best compatible person for what you need.

How to choose the right online dating site for you

Now that you know that there are so many different online dating sites for seniors to choose from, next you need to find the right one for you. There are several factors to consider when choosing to start a profile on an online dating site. Some are common sense or basic knowledge while others may not be something you had not considered. Yet, remember, not all sites are the same and some do offer more benefits than others may. Here are some of the basic points to remember as you start your dating adventure online. 

  1. Accessibility: Is the site available everyday and every hour? A dating site should be easily accessible at any given time. Having a website that is available 24/7 will bring in more attraction to the person using the dating system. Afterall, not everyone has the same work schedule. 
  2. Security and Safety concerns: Is the site secured and is it safe from hackers? Seniors are some of the most vulnerable individuals when it comes to hackers or fraudulent behavior. Dating sites should protect your privacy and profile from those who try to do harm. 
  3. Ease of Use: Is the site easy to maneuver from top to bottom? Understanding how to start a profile and how to share photos should be simple and easy. Remember, not all seniors are exactly tech savvy. If a senior cannot figure out simple instructions, then the site will not meet its expectations and would not be worth the effort. 
  4. Free or Inexpensive Perks: when a site provides extra incentives to join their dating site then there are more reasons to stay connected and use the site. Seniors, as with everyone else love the word free. However, even though some premium options do cost something, they may still be well worth trying it. 

How to Best Present Yourself Online

When completing your profile on an online dating site, there are a few things to always do. Seniors should always be honest about their age. When starting a relationship, though it is online, people should be honest and share their true selves, and that starts with your age. The fact of the matter is both men and women lie about their age, yet they do it for different reasons. Men do it to feel young while women tend to do it to attract the men who they know would not necessarily go out with them if they were older than they say. The bottom line is staying honest about your age may not be as much fun, yet it can still attract the right person. 

Seniors who are new to the online dating community should also provide the best impression of themselves. We all know that women tend to be found behind the camera more than in front of it, especially if you are a Grandma. Yet take a moment and find that one pic that truly shows who you are and what makes you beautiful, inside and out. It is also a great idea to take solo photos. Showing group photos are not really necessary when putting together your first impression of yourself. Also, don’t cover your face. I know there is a pandemic still lurking, yet showing a genuine smile will help express your personality and inner beauty.  Lighting can also affect a picture. Always use good light and choose a photo that is up to date as well. Photos should be taken not just in your own home, they should show you where you hang out the most, such as your local coffee shop or in the park. Basically, where your interests lie. 

Social Distance Dating Ideas

As the country starts to reopen its doors amidst a continuing pandemic, people need to find new ways to not only socialize with family and friends, the dating scene must be redesigned to fit the socially-distanced requirements while being outside and in public settings. Here are some tips to consider when meeting up with friends and your dating interest to keep the relationship moving forward. 

  1. Wear a mask wherever you go: The CDC requires everyone to be at least six feet apart whether indoors or outside. Always have one on and keep a good distance from others while out in public, whether inside a restaurant or outdoors. Having a small bottle of hand sanitizer on board is also a smart thing to carry. 
  2. Find a secluded park bench: An stretched-out bench or picnic table will provide the space you need and the privacy you are looking for while keeping six feet apart. You can still have a good conversation while keeping your hands to yourself. Hanging out at a park also provides you and your date away to enjoy each other’s company, and yet still be surrounded by nature and wildlife. 
  3. Only go to limited seating Restaurants: If you do make a dinner date, make sure it is in a restaurant that is free of overcrowding and has plenty of space between the tables. Outdoor seating tends to be less risky than sitting inside since the proximity of others. While out on your date, you should still inspect the cleanliness of the restaurant. Outdoor seating may need to be cleaned just as much inside since dust and environmental issues can be a factor. 
  4. Spend time outdoors together: Doing activities that require the least amount of close contact will provide you and your date some quality time to get to know each other. Some activities may include Miniature Golf, beach volleyball, go-cart riding, and tennis. These provide less physical contact with each other while still enjoying the date. 
  5. Have a good time at the beach, lake, or pool: There are mixed reports about if a body of water can prevent or cause the spread of viruses. However, with the amount of chlorine that is used to keep a swimming pool clean, it is highly unlikely to spread and will not allow for the virus to grow and for bacteria to build up. As far as lakes, oceans, and beaches, it is unlikely for the coronavirus to thrive in these bodies of water. However, while out on the water everyone should still keep their distance and wipe down any lounge chairs, handrails, or equipment that may previously have been used. 

For more information on the coronavirus and personal and social activities, including the spread and prevention of it, check out the CDC website.