Are Free Online Dating Sites for Seniors Really Free?

The Seniors citizen community is one population that has continued to expand and grow throughout the past several decades. In 2030, it is projected that the older population will more than likely outnumber even children …

The Seniors citizen community is one population that has continued to expand and grow throughout the past several decades. In 2030, it is projected that the older population will more than likely outnumber even children in the US alone. With more older adults living longer, seniors who want to stay active, physically, and mentally, have found that online dating sites may be just what they need.  Seniors everywhere still want to meet new people who they can relate to, as well as spending time with, someone special.  Especially if all the kids and grandchildren are not around as much. The online dating era has allowed many seniors to find some fun and excitement as they search for new relationships, companionships, or simply love.

However, many seniors wonder if these sites are free to use. Some sites do offer many benefits in searching for a compatible match. Some provide surveys to fill out for finding who each person would most likely be matched up with according to your preferences.   Yet, the question still remains, are they truly free to use?

For many top dating sites, they do offer a free sign-up, or the senior can receive a free trial, which can last anywhere from three days to one month.  Although, to get the full measure of benefits from the dating site, such as all the features or tools, then subscribing to the site would be in your best interest.  When you join a dating site it can be a smart investment.  The fact of the matter is you probably will not have to subscribe long before seeing all the benefits of meeting the right person comes into the light.

What is the true Benefit of a free trial?

Free trials allow the recipient the flexibility to start the communication process for free. You get to know how the dating site works without having to put down an initial financial commitment. Many sites allow you to explore the whole site, including reading reviews, looking at comparison charts, and offer relevant articles to help guide your final decision about if the site is worthy enough to sign-up.

For the most part, online dating sites provide singles with the basic synopsis- a platform for singles to meet and communicate with other single individuals that share the same interests and likes, a way to find a potential partner to spend time with and start a meaningful relationship.  However, each online dating site process may be different than others. There are many different features available from one site to another. For example, some include online chatrooms while others may offer video chat. Some sites offer dating games, making it more interesting in how to get to know other singles and what they may be like. Photo verification is sometimes applied as a safety feature on many free online dating sites, especially with the technology age increasing and the need to create the best social environment while adventuring into the dating scene.

So, is there any Online Dating Sites for Seniors Really Free?

Almost any dating site will provide a free trial or offer a free version of their site to single seniors. However, to start the communication process, you will need a paid membership. Free sites may have profiles that seem fake or have become inactive over time. So, paying for a paid membership may be worth it in the long run. Besides, paid or premium accounts may provide a better experience or offer more features than the free online dating sites can, allowing singles to receive more creditable matches. The bottom line, you should not pay money right away. Go ahead and give it a test run and see for yourself if the online dating site is worth subscribing to for your time.

Here is a short summary of some pros and cons to free online dating sites:


  • Many features that are entirely free
  • easy to use platforms
  • a wide range of potential matches
  • Available online or via smartphone apps


  • Paid accounts can be expensive in some cases
  • Since anyone can sign-up, the free versions tend to have inactive users, fake or dead profiles, or even bots. In some cases, they may be scam accounts.
  • Finding a real compatible match can be at times challenging.
  • To really communicate properly with other singles, a free site is not always the best option.

Free sites for online dating do offer a great alternative to the traditional ways of dating. Being able to use these sites from the comfort of home is also a benefit. Many stories from people with success using online dating sites and making a real connection with a compatible match will allow these sites worth giving online dating a try.