The Best Stairlift Companies to Gain Mobility in Your Home

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It is no surprise that as we age, our bodies do not work as well as they used to. Many people who are past their prime tend to need help with getting around, compared to when they were younger. Mobility issues are common to notice throughout the older population. They may require more assistance, such as with the use of walking canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. If you do have a parent with mobility issues, it may be a good time to consider a stair lift for their home (or yours, if they reside with you).  Stair lifts (also known as chair lifts) provide the user with a comfortable seat while riding up and down the stairs using the stairs’ railing as a track. There are many types of stair lifts and companies that offer some of the best features. The top ten stair lift companies are Acorn, AmeriGlide, Ascent, Bruno, Handicare, Harmar, Lifeway Mobility, Stannah, Savaria, and 101 Mobility. Now, let’s learn more about each one and what makes them the best among all other brands. 

The Top 10 Stairlift Companies

The stairlift companies listed below provide the user with a great place to start your research by reviewing and analyzing each one to find your best option. Keep in mind, various stairlift manufacturers may provide different types or models. Some may also provide other types of mobility aids as well.


Bruno Independent Living Aids is an industry-leading manufacturer of both straight and curved stair lifts. Bruno manufactures indoor and outdoor stair lifts in the state of Wisconsin and holds a position of an innovation leader within the industry. Their strong focus is on quality and safety and offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their indoor straight stair lifts. Bruno is a family-run company. Bruno, an ISO certified manufacturer, also makes vertical platform lifts and wheelchair lifts for vehicles, perfect for mobility-challenged individuals. The company also provides stairlifts for those with a low budget. 


Handicare commits to making life easier for all disabled and elderly individuals while helping them live an active lifestyle. Their stair lifts are easy to use for both healthcare professionals and family members. They also provide well thought out solutions to increase independence for their client’s needs.  Handicare offers nine models, with straight and curved stair lift options, including outdoor stair lifts. 


Stannah is designed to bring freedom, independence, and safety to all its customers. Anyone who has difficulty in overcoming challenges of climbing stairs, rest assured. Stannah will ease your fears and provide fully customizable stair lifts. The company will also offer a free assessment in the home with no obligation to purchase. There are over 200 Stannah dealers throughout the Nation. Stannah offers five types of models to choose from. Straight, curved, and outdoor models are available. 


Savaria is a Canadian company, founded in 1979 to provide products that help improve mobility. Their stair lifts can be for homes, vehicles, or public buildings. The company’s desire is to make life more accessible to the community. Savaria also offers elevators and other mobility products. They have manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe and China, allowing them to reach global markets. Their goal is to meet the customer’s needs efficiently.


Harmar is known for their wide variety of wheelchair, scooter, and power stair lifts. Their products are designed to help mobility-challenged people with accessibility in the home through innovative solutions. Harmar also offers a 2-year warranty on standard lifts. The company focuses on providing lifts for your vehicle and lifts for your home. Harmar has partnered with a range of car manufacturers to offer financial assistance suggestions for your vehicle, if need be. Harmar is dedicated to its customer’s needs and promises that their stair lifts will offer a comfortable living space for your aging loved one. Many of Harmar stair lifts come with a 3-year warranty on parts and some have a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. 


AmeriGlide offers a variety of stair lifts, from straight, curved, and indoor, and outdoor models. Some are even heavy duty. The nationwide company gives the user the option to install it themselves, saving hundreds of dollars to the customer. The average installation takes the owner about 4 hours. AmeriGlide also provides a wide range of accessible items for the home. These may include bath lifts, elevators, and vertical platform lifts to stair lifts. Service repair options are also available, if you need one. The company has sold approximately 50,000 units. AmeriGlide offers many types of models, some which are ergonomically designed. Customers also have a choice of three colors for their stair lift.

101 Mobility

101 Mobility offers straight, curved, and outdoor stair lifts. The two main types of models available: one is designed from Bruno, and the other is a Harmar model. However, some other models from Savaria and Handicare are becoming available. This manufacturer also provides products such as auto lifts, inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, scooters, wheelchair ramp maintenance, and limited use elevators. The Bruno model is one of the dealer’s top-selling brands. The design provides a Padded, generous-size seat with multiple height adjustments for easy comfort. On the other hand, the Harmar model is one of the thinnest and lightest models available on the market. It also provides a smooth and safe ride. 


Established in 2008, Ascent Stairlifts offers some of the best mobility products and services at affordable prices. Their goals include making each customer feel safe in their homes and helping them regain their independence through the use of their products. Ascent offers straight, curved, and outdoor types of stair lifts. Ascent also offers both new and reconditioned products. Accent Stair lifts is part of the Ascent Mobility company, which provides a wide range of other home accessibility products and services.


Acorns is one of the largest companies of stair lift manufacturers. They are an international, family-owned company, employing thousands of workers each year. They offer some of the most contemporary designs and use the latest innovations available for stairlifts. Acorn Stairlifts uses direct current batteries, a FastTrack system, and Smart-level technology for their models. Acorn offers straight, curved, and outdoor types of stairlifts.  Models offer a maximum capacity of 280 pounds and offer many features to choose from, including a flip-up, swivel seat. 

Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility helps people with limited mobility regain their independence by providing accessible solutions. Lifeway partners with Bruno Diamond Stairlift Dealership, to display their products in their showrooms around the Nation. Lifeway Mobility also offers wheelchair ramps and lifts, bathroom safety solutions, and home elevators. All stair lifts from Lifeway Mobility are professionally installed by licensed professionals. Customers have the option of a free in-home or video consultation. You can also select the best products and solutions for your mobility needs to fit your home and budget. 

What to look for When Evaluating a Stair Lift Company

It is always good to ask questions when buying a new product, such as a stair lift, which is an expensive purchase. As you evaluate each company, consider the following questions. This can help you know the company is a reputable business and ensures their high-quality product will be exactly what you want and need. 

  1. What is the price range you are willing to spend on the stair lift?
  2. Does the company offer a payment plan?
  3. How many different types of stairlifts does the company manufacture?
  4. Do you need an indoor or outdoor stairlift?
  5. How many years of warranty will the company offer?
  6. What are the safety features incorporated into the product?
  7. Is the stairlift self-installed or require professional installation?
  8. How does the stairlift handle a power outage?
  9. Is the stairlift battery-operated or electrical?
  10. Do you want to buy or rent the stairlift?

When answering the questions above, you should consider both the present and future needs of the aging loved one. Research and review each company thoroughly. Also, becoming a knowledgeable consumer will allow you to be prepared for what is all expected at the time of purchase. 

Good Stair Lift Features to Consider

Most stairlift companies may offer similar features as another. Many offer the same standard features and models, and also provide upgrades or additional add-on options. Below are just some of the most common stair lift features that can be found on many types of models. 

Most stairlift companies may offer similar features as another. Many offer the same standard features and models, and also provide upgrades or additional add-on options. Below are just some of the most common stair lift features that can be found on many types of models. 

  • Folding Seat & Footrest – The idea is to minimize the amount of space stairlifts take up when not in use. Some models may offer a power option as well, which automatically folds the footrest when the seat is lifted.
  • Adjustable/Customizable Chairs – This provides additional comfort with padding, an adjustable seat height, and an armrest width, providing a smoother ride.
  • Swiveling Seat – The user will be able to rotate the seat away from the open stairs, making it safer exit from the stair lift. 
  • Remote Controls – Controls can be used to automatically “call or send” the stairlift up and down the stairs. This allows for multiple users to utilize the stair lift.
  • Seat Belt and Safety Sensors – Automotive-grade seat belts help the user ride safely on the chair while the stairlift is in motion. The safety sensors can also detect objects on the stairs which may obstruct the stair lift’s function.

How Long Should a Stair Lift Last?

To be Frank, there is not a set time frame of how long your stair lift will last. In fact, there are many factors to consider when answering this question. However, most will provide the user with about 10 years of proper use. Below are several factors for which we base our assumption on: 

  • Workload or amount of daily use
  • User’s weight
  • Incline of the stairs
  • Quality of the stair lift
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Stair lift model selected
  • Type of rail – straight or curved
  • Location of the unit – inside or outside of the home

Keep in mind, stair lifts that are only used two to three times a day will normally last longer than one that is constantly in use. It is highly recommended to keep up with the basic maintenance, adhere to the operation manual, and stay within the proper weight capacities. Choosing high-quality brands will also make a difference on the longevity of the stair lift. Low-cost models may save you money at first, but they tend to not last as long. 

How Stairlifts are Powered

Below are the basic components of a stair lift:

Battery: This keeps your stairlift moving. Batteries are larger and more expensive than your normal appliances. They are found at the base of the seat, near the motor. Batteries will need to be replaced after a few years or so after purchase.

Battery Charger: The charger keeps your battery alive and working. Charger is located under the track or near the beginning or end of the track.

Motor: Stairlifts move up and down by using a small but powerful motor. The main driver of the stairlift chair is at the base of the seat, controlling the movement and speed of the lift.

Transmission: The transmission reduces the speed of the lift while increasing its power.

Paying for Your Stairlift

Stairlift installation is sometimes very expensive; however here are some companies that offer financing. To finance a stair lift, consider the total cost of the product, your credit score, and if you can offer a down payment. Sometimes, insurance providers may cover a portion of the installation cost. Many insurance providers are limited to what they can do to help, though it doesn’t hurt to check. Medicare itself does not pay for stair lifts; however, Medicare Advantage plans may offer reimbursement options. Another option to check is the Department of Veterans Affair. Veterans may be eligible for full or partial payments toward the installation of a stair lift. Prices also vary on design and model chosen. Most are around $2000 to $4000. However, some can be as high as $15,000. Bottom line, explore all your options before making a final decision.


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