Searching for the Best Pill Dispenser

As we get older, we tend to start forgetting to do certain every things that we did as a routine when we were younger. Seniors can easily lose track of even the simplest things, like …

As we get older, we tend to start forgetting to do certain every things that we did as a routine when we were younger. Seniors can easily lose track of even the simplest things, like if they have eaten already or how often did they hydrate themselves with a glass of water. Sometimes, it may not be a major thing, like if they forgot to wear sunscreen on a warm sunny day. However, forgetting to take medication is a huge issue, and can have serious repercussions, if it happens often. Carrying around a bulky pill box can be a hassle; however, there are all types of pill dispensers that work for each senior’s style or design. Pill dispensers can help seniors stay on track of their medication by keeping them organized. The dispensers can tell a senior what time of day they need to take their medication, provide programmable alarms if a dose is missed, and contact a caregiver or doctor if they meds need to be refilled. 

There are pill dispensers that ranges in size, such as small travel-sized containers that can easily fit in a purse, and some that are large machines, which are designed to be set up to distribute medication over 90 days.  With many options to choose from, finding the right one can be hard. So, to help narrow your search, we have did the research for you. Below are the top pill dispensers to help seniors stay on track and out of risk of forgetting a dose again. Some listed are just small simple dispensers that are perfect for an active senior who just needs a little help. While others, may be more complex, which can be what a senior who tends to forget often. Some come with timers and even compatible with your smartphone. So, let’s get started to find the right one for you.

1. Ezy Dose Weekly (7-Day) Pill Organizer

Our first pill dispenser on the list is the Ezy Dose Weekly, a 7-day pill organizer that allows seniors to pull apart the days, which is perfect for on-the-go travel compartments. It can hold both prescribed medication or large-size vitamins. Although more of an organizer than a dispenser, it is still worth mentioning. The pill organizer can be filled up to 3 times a day (morning, noon, and evening). The compartments can hold up to 30 Aspirin-size pills, or 14 large pills per compartment. This organizer is found at both Walmart and on Amazon and is one of the most affordable options. Plus, each day is a different color, so there is less confusion for seniors. The only backdraw to this pill dispenser/organizer is that it can be difficult for seniors who have trouble opening things with their hands or fingers. 

  • Price: $
  • Pull apart daily compartments – Planner allows for easy pop out and available for on the go
  • Daily Planning- With 3 separate compartments for each day. 
  • Extra Storage- The planner holds up to 30 pills for each compartment. 
  • FSA approved and Registered- meets all US regulatory regulations
  • Quality Design- very durable material and high-grade plastic. 
  • Customer Rating- over 4 out of 5 customers approve of this pill organizer. 

2. Shintop Aluminum Keychain Pill Container

Our next pill option for seniors is the Shintop Keychain Pill Container. It is made up of aluminum and is another affordable choice for seniors. The containers have a rubber gasket seal, which prevents water to seep through. The Shintop also has a small keychain clip attached, so you have a less chance of losing it. Plus, it can open from both ends by twisting off the lids. Shintop offers seniors the option to buy it as a two-pack or three-pack. It is definitely one of the most convenient and durable options for pill containers. Whether you need it to carry your medications while on your way to the gym or as you head to work, this pill container is a great option. The only issue with the pill containers is that it may not work well for those with arthritis or dexterity issues

  • Price: $
  • Number of compartments: 1
  • Clips to your belt or bag and great for traveling
  • Holds both small and large pills.
  • Pros: waterproof, opens at both ends
  • Cons: can’t separate medications

3. Hero Automatic Medication Dispenser

The next few options are actual pill dispensers, like the Hero Automatic Medication Dispenser. It offer seniors an audible and visual reminder of when they need to talk their medication. For those who are caregivers for the elderly, the Hero provides an app that comes with an optional pin or password set up. This will help seniors stay safe and keep medications locked up until it is time to take them again. You can download the app through Apple and Google play. The Hero can hold up to a 90-day supply of medication and up to ten types of medications at once. Plus, when you sign up with subscription services, the prescription meds will be automatically be sent to be refilled. The Hero Automatic medication Dispenser does require a monthly payment and subscription. Overall, a not bad option for seniors that are looking for a dispenser that holds quite a few prescriptions at once. 

  • Price: $$$$
  • Number of compartments: up to 10 medications
  • Pros: handles complex medication regimens while providing a lock
  • Cons: quite pricey, and requires a subscription

4. MedaCube

Our next pill dispenser option for seniors is the MedaCube. Similar to the Hero, it comes fully assembled and can be programmed for both audible and visual reminders. The caregiver can also set up phone call reminders to let the senior know when it is time to take their medication. Caregiver can also record their voice to prompt the senior to stay on track of their meds, especially if they are not present with them. The MedaCube has the option to hold up to 16 medications at once. This is very useful because sometimes seniors are not aware of missed dosages or if they may be low on their prescription medications. The MedaCube is also very durable. If dropped or tampered with, the machine will automatically lock down, plus send caregivers a notification. The only backdraw is that it tends to be very expensive. So may not be the best choice for seniors on a budget.

  • Price: $$$$
  • Number of compartments: can hold up to 16 medications
  • Pros: Medication scheduling is simple and easy
  • Cons: large and costly

5. e-Pill Voice

Our next pill dispenser is the e-Pill Voice. This is a unique device that offers up to six alarm reminders, whether for the senior or the caregiver. The dispenser will light up when it is time to take medications, including an audible reminder in the form of a friendly voice. To prevent overdosing, the e-Pill Voice stays locked till it is time for the senior needs to take their meds. This pill dispenser can hold up to a 28-day supply, so the caregiver does not have to constantly fill it. When it is time to refill the container, there is a small button to press that can be easily seen.The e-Pill Voice is a great for those with loss of memory

  • Price: $$$
  • Number of compartments: 28
  • Pros: includes a lock and daily reminders
  • Cons: Somewhat expensive

6. Lizimandu Pill Organizer, 7-day, Leather and Pill Box Set

Our next pill organizer/dispenser is the Lizimandu Pill Organizer. This organizer is very lightweight and compact, which is great for active seniors on the go! Medication can be easily separated into four large compartments (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime), that hold up to 75 pills per day for simple management. Each daily compartment opens with just one slide for easy access and not hard to fill when emptied. This also helps seniors that may have trouble with hard to open containers and prevents the other pills from falling out. The case that the compartments come into can fit perfectly into a person’s purse, knapsack, suitcase, or small bag. A great travel option! Plus, the case is made of leather and offers many different designs to choose from. Plus, the pill boxes have braille symbols for those with vision issues. The symbols are on the days of the week and hours in the day. Designs to choose from include Van Gogh Almond Blossoms, Star Night, Pink Rose, Blue Bird, and more.

  • Price: $
  • Number of Compartments: 28
  • Pros: holds up to 75 pills per day, affordable, many designs/styles
  • Cons: not a good option for larger pills 

7. Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer 

For our last and final pill organizer, we have the Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer, which is a 7-day weekly pill box. It is again one of the most affordable pill dispenser/organizer you will ever buy. It can hold both small and average size pills, as well as large pills, such Fish Oil, Calcium, multivitamins, and Vitamin D supplements. This pill organizer is BPA safe and very durable. The portable containers allow for easy traveling and the lid design allows the container to stay closed so no pills will spill out. There is also a free app, perfect for both Apple and Android devices, and available for seniors who need some extra reminders. So they never miss a dose. 

  • Price: $$
  • Number of compartments: 14
  • Pros: fits large pills and capsules
  • Cons: No security lock

Types of Pill Dispensers

Seniors have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to pill organizers and dispensers. Here are some of the basic types they can choose from: 

Pill organizers: For the most part, organizers are usually made of plastic and offer several compartments or dividers to separate the pills you take during the day. Some will offer multiple sections, such as for morning, lunch, and bedtime. Others may give you only one compartment for each day. Certain pill organizers are for one-week supply, while others may hold up to a whole month of medications. For seniors who just need a little assistance with reminding when to take their meds, then a simple organizer is fine. 

Pill boxes with alarms: Another option is getting a pill box that offers alarms or reminders. This is helpful to seniors who can’t remember when or if they took their medication. Before the chance of missing a dose, the alarm will go off and the elderly person will be aware that it is time to take their pills. Some pill boxes are designed with both visual and audible reminders. Plus, there are some that can be set to go off up to six times during the day. 

Automatic pill dispensers: The last type is the pill dispensers. These are often the most advanced models and can be digitally programmed to alert both the senior and the caregiver if and when it is time to take medication. Some can even alert medical alert systems if a senior has missed a dose or several throughout the day. Most high-tech pill dispensers are locked and can only open by using a pin or password. They are also the most expensive option out of the pill distribution for seniors. 

So, Which Pill Dispenser or Organizer is Right for you?

The first things to consider is your needs. If you need to be reminded to take medication not only once in a while, but throughout the day, then a more advanced system is probably what you need. This is also especially important if you are taking multiple pills at different times throughout the day. However, if you need something that is just easy to open, then you may be able to get a more affordable option. 

Second, try to check out reviews of the top pill dispensers. Many times there may be a number of good reviews, but a few unsatisfied buyers with good points. Read carefully over them and decide if what concerns them could also be your concern too. 

Third, look into what features they offer. Many pill containers that are made of plastic will state if they are a BPA-free container. Other features may include automatic distribution and offer extra security by having the system locked, and can only be opened by a pin or password. Just remember, the more advanced system it is, the higher the price.