Best Flip Phones for Seniors

What to Look for When Choosing a Flip Phone Every flip phone is not created equal. However, there are some good deals for seniors looking for a basic flip phone. There are some that provide …

What to Look for When Choosing a Flip Phone

Every flip phone is not created equal. However, there are some good deals for seniors looking for a basic flip phone. There are some that provide similar and different features, a long battery life, and about the same quality as most other cell phones. Here is a short guide to consider when buying a new phone for seniors. 

Senior-Friendly: Make sure the features on the phone allow seniors to live easier and safer. Look for features that offer loud, adjustable speakers; provide hearing aid compatibility; offer Bluetooth compatibility, and large keypads. Also, having bright screens, an easy-to-grip design, and medical alert capabilities is a bonus.

No Long-Term Contracts: For seniors who are passed their prime, having a contract can be a hassle. Choose a plan with no Contracts. Most contracts are not consumer-friendly or senior-friendly. In fact, choosing a month-to-month option is the best. Plus, it allows seniors to stop service at any time.

Good Value: Always look for a flip phone with the best offer and value, regardless of your senior income. Affordable phones that have the essential features can be just as good as more expensive phones with higher-tech features, but without the pricey cost. 

The Top 5 Flip Phones Picks for Seniors

So, you’re in the market for a good, reliable flip phone? Well, we did the research, checked out the best factors, and looked for the best deals. Here is what we came up with to help you make that final decision.

Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro 4G-Reliable Wireless Network

Jitterbug Flip2 Cell Phone– Great Features

Alcatel GO FLIP 3– Easy-to-Use

Consumer Cellular Link II– Overall Affordable

TracFone My Flip 2 4G LTE Flip Phone– More Data Options

An Overview Table of the Best Flip Phones for Seniors

Flip PhoneEasyfone Prime-A1 Pro 4GJitterbug Flip2Alcatel GO FLIP 3Consumer Cellular LinkTracFone My Flip 2 4G LTE Prepaid 
CarrierT-MobileLivelyT-MobileConsumer CellularTracFone
Battery life7 hours talk time12 hours talk time7.9 hours talk time14 hours talk time7 hours talk time
Financing availableNoNoYesNoNo
Hear aid compatibilityM4/T4M4/T4M4/T4M3/T3M3/T4
Internet accessYesNoYesNoYes
Camera quality3MPRear: 8MP
Front: 5 MP
2MP2MPRear and front: 2MP
Special featuresGood for seniors and poor eyesight.
Large keys

Real-Time-Text (RTT)

Text Telephone (TTY)
Amazon Alexa

Large buttons

Urgent Response button

Optional Health & Safety packages
Google Assistant

Large keys

Real-Time-Text (RTT)

Text Telephone (TTY)
Available in red or black

Large 12-key keypad

FM radio

Optional roadside assistance plan
Google Assistant

Easy activation
Text Telephone (TTY)

Service plans and airtime cards are available on Amazon.

1. Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro 4G

Our first flip phone of choice is the Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro by T-Mobile. The phone is perfect for seniors looking for big buttons. It offers a simple operating system, including a big font and big icons, which is good for seniors with poor eyesight. A GPS system is also installed into the phone. The phone comes with a charging dock, one battery, USB cable, User Manual, and Lanyard. Easyfone Prime also is hearing aid compatible! The phone book holds up to 500 numbers/Contacts. Easyfone is also compatible with MetroPCS, Mint, Tello, Ultra Mobile, Speed Talk, and Simple Mobile carriers. It can easily be bought/shipped through Phone includes Photo Speed dialing, which allows seniors to see who they are dialing before making the call. Easyfone also has a Blacklist button, to block unwanted harassing phone calls.


  • Easy to use big buttons
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible to most other T-Mobile phones
  • SOS one touch Emergency connection
  • GPS functionality
  • Affordability
  • Hearing Aids Compatible
  • Memory storage- up to 16 GB
  • Block button


  • No Internet Browser

2. Jitterbug Flip2 from Lively

The easy-to-use Jitterbug Flip2 is a great android phone for seniors. The phone offers big buttons, a large screen, and a strong, powerful speaker. It’s easy to stay connected to family and friends and comes with an Urgent Response button on the keypad, allowing you to talk to the Lively Response Team that has board-certified doctors and nurses in an emergency. This service is available 24/7. Seniors have the option to get the phone in Red or Graphite. Jitterbug also allows seniors to use their voice to write texts, make calls, and even check the weather. The phone is on sale at for only $49.99, that’s half off! Seniors can choose a limited plan for $14.99, which gives you 300 minutes each month and only .10 cents per text. Or get the Unlimited Talk and Text plan for $19.99/mo. The Lively phone provider is one of the most reliable nationwide wireless networks in America, with no long-term contracts.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Amazon Alexa built in
  • Reliable wireless network
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Urgent Response and Lyft connections
  • Powerful speaker
  • Variety of health and safety packages
  • Customer Reviews- 4 out of 5 love it!


  • No internet connectivity
  • Extra fee for health and safety packages

3. Alcatel GO FLIP 3

Next on our list is the Alcatel Go Flip 3 phone. This easy-to-use flip phone has a simple design, easy to navigate, and very affordable to seniors on a budget. Seniors can also see who’s calling without even opening the phone. Alcatel GO provides seniors with Google Assistant, making it easy to book Dr. appointments, make phone calls, and more. The large tactile keys make it easy to dial family and friends. The phone also comes with Real-Time Text (RTT), offers an expanded memory up to 32 GB, and is hearing aid compatible. The phone box comes with a Quick Start Guide and an AC Charger. The Battery on the Alcatel GO will last about 7.9 hours. When buying on the T-Mobile website, seniors have the option to pay just $4/mo. for 24 months or pay in full at $96.


  • Affordable
  • Large buttons
  • Google Assistant
  • 2.8″ internal display
  • Text Telephone (TTY)
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • 4G LTE speeds 


  • No built-in flashlight
  • Low-end 2MP camera
  • Low Battery life- 7.9 hours

4. Consumer Cellular Link II

When it comes to affordability, Consumer Cellular has got the best. The Link II flip phone provides seniors with outstanding deals and great quality features. This flip phone has a low cost of only $59, making it one of the most affordable flip phones for seniors. Plus, if you are an AARP member, you can get a discount on the services provided, including the accessories. Consumer cellular provides the user a great quality phone, with an affordable price. The large keypad is an awesome feature, especially for seniors with poor eyesight. The bright screen is also a Plus for those with vision issues. The Link II is hearing aid compatible, helping seniors that may have hearing problems. The phone also provides Bluetooth, with hands-free calling and a M3/T3 rating.


  • Large buttons
  • easy-to-use model
  • Nice 1.7” external display screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Supports up to 32.0GB
  • FM Radio
  • Battery life: 14.0 hours talk time
  • Hearing Aid compatibility


  • Consumer Cellular service required
  • Low-end 2MP camera

5. TracFone My Flip 2 4G LTE Flip Phone

The TracFone My Flip 2 4G LTE is a prepaid flip phone. It provides its own Sim card with Unlimited Talk, Text, Plus Carry over Data. The phone originally comes in Black, but Red may be available on Amazon. This is an Android operating system, with easy set up. Just need to choose a phone, pick a plan, and activate! Seniors can also refill their plan with either 2G, 3G, or 8G data. The TracFone My Flip 2 also has Google Assistant preloaded. The phone also has a powerful speaker to help seniors communicate to family and friends in a loud and clear voice. The phone has a SOS button, offers Real-Time-Text (RTT), and is hearing aid compatible. The large 2.8″ Internal Screen is perfect for seniors with vision impairments. Bluetooth Capable and Internet Access is available.


  • Affordable
  • 3 Data plans to choose from
  • 4G LTE
  • Google Assistant
  • SOS button
  • Large buttons
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility


  • Service plans sold separately
  • Talk time hours of only 7 hrs
  • Low-End 2 MP Camera

The Flip Phone Buyer’s Guide

Everyone wants to make sure they get the best deal and price when it comes to buying a new flip phone. Here are some simple questions that most seniors will want answered when making this purchase. 

How Long is the Battery Life?

For seniors, remembering to charge their phone is somewhat a challenge at times. If this is your case, then finding a flip phone with a long battery life should be one of your priorities. There are some flip phones that last up to 20+ hours, while others may only last 10 hours or less. If you know you’ll use it often throughout the day, then a longer talk time is your best option. However, there are some plans that work well for only emergencies or those who are not big talkers. So, a short battery life should not be an issue.

Do you need Data, and if so, how much?

To be honest, there are some flip phones that do not come with Data. So, if you are a senior that needs to be connected to watch your favorite TV show or playlist on Spotify, then you will need Data. Plus, there are several Data choices. Some phones offer 2GB of Data, where others may go up to 16GB. Seniors can also find flip phones that just connect to a specific site, like Facebook and your email. Others may allow you to download games, surf the internet, or connect to a GPS system if you’re lost. 

What’s My Budget?

And then there’s your budget to consider. Prices for flip phones will vary, as we see in the list above. The price range can go from only $20 to as high as $100, or even more. Seniors should also be aware that the price of service may not be included in the cost of the phone, as it is with a Prepaid phone like the Tracfone Flip 2. Choose a service plan that is within your budget or at least gives you the best value.  Another example to consider, the Jitterbug Flip 2 from Lively. They offer a “pay-as-you-need”, type of plan. Seniors will get 300 minutes a month, for only $14.99/mo.!

Does it have Medical Alert Capabilities?

For seniors who live alone, having a phone that works as a personal safety device can be very useful. Especially if you are susceptible to falls or tend to lose your balance. Choosing a flip phone, like the Lively Jitterbug or the Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro, provides a SOS or medical alert button, right on the front of the phone. These built-in features should always be on the top of the list because emergencies can happen at any time. Plus, having this feature already on the phone may save a senior from buying a medical alert system separately, which can be costly.

What about the Features?

Nowadays phones will offer many types of features. When deciding to buy a flip phone, some features are included in the cost, while others are add-on features, which are often extra. Consider what is more important. For seniors with bad vision, having a phone with a bright screen could be very useful. Other features may include, large buttons, loud and powerful speakers, high-quality camera, internet access, and a built-in fall detection. 

Why Seniors choose a Flip Phone more than Smart Phones

Sometimes choosing a smart phone with more technology can be complicated and too complex for the average older adult. If you are over 65, or at least can remember the days when phones hung from the kitchen wall, then you probably are more comfortable with an easy flip phone than the advanced smart phone. Here are some reasons why certain seniors would rather choose the flip phone.

  • They want a simple phone device
  • They prefer tactile buttons over a touchscreen
  • Not comfortable with internet access or new technology
  • Have no need for a data plan