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Gabe brings over two decades of experience as an English professor and Higher Ed. consultant to our team, leveraging his strong research abilities to offer our readers comprehensive insights across various topics.
His expertise stems from a life-altering experience at age 40 when he assumed the responsibility of managing complete care for an aging family member who had been scammed and left financially vulnerable. Through this experience, he became an expert in navigating Medicare, Social Security benefits, and subsidized housing programs.
Gabe’s unique blend of academic background and personal experience positions him as a valuable resource for providing solid answers and guidance to our audience.
Lead Editor
Penelope has devoted over 25 years to senior care, starting as a Home Health Aid and progressing to an Activity Director, before transitioning to writing in-depth articles here at OSC.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, her journey showcases a deep understanding of seniors’ needs and a commitment to their well-being. Now, through her articles, she shares valuable insights and advice, serving as a resource for families, caregivers, and professionals in the field of senior care, continuing her impactful work on a broader scale.
Web Development & Social Media
Carrie boasts over a decade of experience in website development and brand promotion through social media channels. Her background in art and a degree in American Studies have equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to collaborate on creative projects with numerous non-profit organizations and federal housing programs.
This blend of technical skill and creative insight enables Carrie to craft compelling online presences and effectively communicate brand messages across various platforms, making her an asset to any team or project.